Online schooling: Calls to cut data fees during Covid lockdowns
05/01/2021 | news | technology | 317
The children's commissioner for England and Labour's leader call on firms to help low-income families.
05/01/2021 18:42:43 10 8
Bozo ?? send 3 million children to school for one day, to spread the virus, then sends them into lockdown.

?? Get this incompetent idiot out at the next election.
Your the idiot as you clearly do not understand the difficult situations being faced, git some answers then stand for election..ah thought not.. Removed
How are the vaccinations going? If a junkie can manage to inject themselves im you can train anyone to use a needle.
Surely this could be rolled out extremely quick without burdening the NHS resources.
05/01/2021 18:25:34 5 7
Any chance that the teaching unions will dip into their reserves, and help fund the purchase of cheap laptops rather than stand on the side lines and complain that the rollout is too slow.
They'd much sooner denigrate those who help than put forward either funding or practical help.