UK & Ireland mooted to host Lions tour
05/01/2021 | sport | rugbyunion | 738
The British and Irish Lions series with South Africa could be held in the UK and Ireland if Covid-19 prevents fans from travelling.
It's a shame Covid hasn't killed off this joke of a 'sport'. Removed
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What was the point of that comment, is your life that empty
05/01/2021 12:39:29 16 105
A rare species is a Lions fan. Dire sporting event with no relevance.
Like your comments. Does your carer know you are on the internet? Removed
05/01/2021 13:47:02 6 9
twinprime has a point. A friend of mine went on the 2013 Oz tour and said he heard plenty of fans complaining about why X had been selected (usually an England player) over a player from their team.

Doesn’t sound like what the Lions should be about. It’s meant to be the best the HN have to offer, regardless of which team they play for. It hasn’t been that for a long time.
05/01/2021 12:12:45 99 9
Rugby going the same way as football. It's all about the money!
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If SA is to play in Edinburgh, Dublin, London and Cardiff, I would prefer it to be against each nation than against "the Lions".
05/01/2021 13:38:07 31 7
I'm sorry but hundreds of people are dying everyday in this country. It's the same the world over, yet elite sport thinks it's above all this and continues to operate in a parallel universe, where there are far too many high profile breaches of CoVid protocols, but that's all right all in the name of sport! I don't think so! It's high time for a reality check. Same applies to all elite team sport.
I'm sorry, but 10,000 people die every week, year in year out, in this country. If you do your basic homework, you will learn that the excess deaths in December 18th figures were under 1500, well within normal variability. You need to stop believing the rubbish on the BBC, in the papers and from the professional liar, Boris Johnson.... Removed
05/01/2021 16:19:22 9 1
Prefer to listen to my daughter; she works in an intensive care unit!
05/01/2021 17:27:57 3 2
1,500 x 52 = 78,000 pa. Week in week out this is not within normal variability!

It's heartless people like you peddling fake news that helps fuel this pandemic! Tell that to my mother who died of CoVid and other 70,000 who've passed on.

Clearly you live in a parallel universe.
To all the fools saying it increases covid risk of flying them over here.. there are hundreds of flights landing in Britain every day even now.
To all the idiots saying it's just about money - I certainly don't care about the financials and would far rather watch them play anywhere in the world so long as it happens.
Bunch of lockdown nutters - go weep into your masks! ;p
Not on topic, but there wasn't a HYS for this:

Can someone please explain to me why in the 'pick your lions 15' article 1/2P wasn't offered as a choice for fullback? He's the current Welsh 15, is the form Welsh back, 3 times Lions tourist, favourite of Gatland, the best defensive fullback in World Rugby and the best place kicker in world rugby.

But you could pick Alfie Barbeary in the back row
05/01/2021 21:53:43 4 2
Another alternative: would it be possible if the BBC could raid the archive vaults and dig out arguably the greatest ever LIONS TOUR, South Africa 1974.
Put it on television the whole programmes/tests whatever they have.
It was what I was brought up on at school, Willie-John, JPR, Gareth Edwards, JJ, Mighty Mouse etc. Nostalgia cannot be beaten and neither were the LIONS!
Thank you
06/01/2021 14:43:20 0 1
Wales showed the rugby world how dominant they were against Italy and Georgia - and other big teams like Sweden really fear the Welsh. My worry is the loss of Jake Ball who is going to quit Welsh rugby at the end of this season - immense player
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Kay - I don’t get you , why Cornwall - I’m in the valleys