Joshua has confidence problem - Fury
04/01/2021 | sport | boxing | 343
Tyson Fury says he could beat Anthony Joshua inside two rounds if a fight between the pair can be agreed.
...says the bloke with a well documented history of mental health issues. :) Removed
AJ is s*^%ing himself over this fight. Removed
04/01/2021 20:11:15 5 4
Fury and his corner want fight and constantly on about it, AJ and his people not talking enough about it, says it all, only one side ready and willing to fight, AJ holding back and making changes, Fury hungrier and not scared so Fury for me
Fury is so childish.

And a homophobic bigot.

And a cocaine user.
04/01/2021 18:00:58 21 20
If that’s the only way they can get fans present to generate the gate receipts then that’s what they’ll have to do. Other option is to fly 80,000 of us to an island + put us all in to quarantine for 2 weeks + spend millions building a temporary 80,000 seater.... as there won’t be crowds gathering of that size here until next year (yes, 2022!)
Or 5hithole London Removed
Come on Fury batter the racist. Removed
04/01/2021 17:37:41 92 15
It shouldn't be held in Saudi Arabia.
Why not?? Let them chop a few heads off as preflight entertainment lol Removed