'Furlough mums and dads while schools are off' says TUC
04/01/2021 | news | business | 421
Trades unions urge bosses to support parents trying to balance work and childcare.
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The unions make me sick
Its unfair to blame teachers, in my kids school 90% of teachers want the school to remain open

When this is over and we have to pay back the debt these Labour run Socialists will be bleating on about job losses while they earn more than the PM
Boring, stale right wing generalisations. Be good minions, and go catch covid and die. Stop giving the vaccine to old people, and give it to key workers first. Less benefits to pay out. Removed
Dear BBC ,

Don't know what you've changed on your HYS system but do you realise that its possible to give multiple "votes" on a single post rather than the old limit of 1 ?
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why are people (or person) down voting this? Most odd
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Of course they know but given they only put a HYS on contentious issues that in general are directed at the government they would be quite happy, but as happened when HYS starts (as this one) they move from mainstream to less popular sites until they can remove it
Of course, recalling the days when one worker could support a family . . .

tories - scum then, scum now ;)
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most still can but they are full of greed, 2 new cars, new home, all the gadgets, lots of holidays abroad.
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LOL - nice try toryboy.
Teacher perhaps? Moron Removed