Covid: Can we really jab our way out of lockdown?
05/01/2021 | news | health | 3,064
A shortage of glass vials, an overload of bureaucracy and lengthy safety checks could slow the UK down.
A nurse in Portugal just died suddenly after receiving the (Pfizer) vaccine. But it's fine, the vaccines have been properly tested and are completely safe Removed
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Where's your proof? Have you a link or seen the autopsy???
05/01/2021 12:08:37 4 0
Until we know cause of death your hysteria means nothing.
05/01/2021 12:09:28 1 3
I said this yesterday . But I received short shrift .
05/01/2021 12:09:36 4 0
Died of what? Did she have C19 anyway, what were her underlying health you continue to hide away.
05/01/2021 12:11:13 2 0
Always look on the bright side of life, eh?
05/01/2021 12:13:18 2 0
You do realise people die anyway. It's been fashionable for a while.
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Yes the vaccines have been properly tested and are safe. Unfortunately some people will have a negative reaction to the vaccine. Fortunately this is a very small number. This is no different to any vaccine out there at the moment.
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I think it is certain we will all die, after receiving the vaccine or not. One hopes the body will react to the vaccine. Hopefully the reaction in any population is benign enough to show a marked positive improvement in general health. Nothing foreign that enters the bloodstream can be completely safe.
05/01/2021 12:27:34 0 0
I heard about that too, but the media have been told to keep quiet. There is NO WAY that I'm having any jab!
I wouldn’t want Johnson sticking anything in me, I’m not on the pill. Removed
05/01/2021 12:20:02 9 9
BBC one again very negative. Still smarting from Brexit .
Let it go, Pr**ck Removed
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Your response makes me think, maybe you are the one who needs to listen to Elsa!
05/01/2021 12:02:13 194 108
Misleading stuff this - as is most of the guff peddled by the media.

You cannot defeat a virus - you have to learn to live with it. Viruses mutate quickly.

We've vaccinated against flu for decades yet each year a new variant of flu comes round.
Human Beings/Apes co-existed with (corona)viruses for millions of years; only 150 of those years with vaccines.

I, nor my family, will be taking part in Pfizer's highly experimental drug trial (that doesn't end till December 2022). No messenger RNA going into our bodies, taa. Passports, for work, school, access to healthcare/NHS, socialising, travel? Mandatory?
Looks to me like was Icke right.
05/01/2021 12:33:50 35 2
by co-existed with viruses, you mean died from viruses. Smallpox accounted for up to 13% of all deaths before vaccination
05/01/2021 12:37:03 17 0
We were also far wider spread between communities and less interconnected back then therefore a virus could wipe out a small group quickly and not spread across the globe as we are seeing now
05/01/2021 12:48:13 24 9
Of course, that's your choice. But please keep at least 2 metres away from me, work from home and avoid public places. With choice comes responsibility. Make the COMPLETE choice and don't cherry-pick the bits you like.
05/01/2021 12:56:38 16 10
Please wear a badge to indicate that you've refused the vaccine so that the more sensible/rational/informed members of the population can avoid contact with you knowing you are more likely to be infected.
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Oh dear. Get help. Quickly.
05/01/2021 13:00:26 2 1
News falsh.
You and your family aren't special.
There are many things of far greater public interest than you or your family. This is one of them.
Learn to live with it, as you would say.
05/01/2021 12:00:55 28 44
The need to inoculate the whole population for this virus is ridiculous.
If given to those who are currently recommend to have the flu jab, I'm sure it will save thousands of lives. But to insist everyone has it, when it's less lethal than flu to the healthy under 65's is crazy.
Make no mistake Johnson, Hancock, Whitty & Valance are Incompetent.
It's the most overhyped Bug since the Millennium.
05/01/2021 12:36:50 4 6
No vaccine for me thanks, I'll give it a miss.
No one will miss you. Removed
05/01/2021 12:10:01 211 43
Just do what China did, stop counting!

But the English virus is tearing through the country because the little Englanders are desperate for freedom Removed
05/01/2021 13:01:51 1 6
05/01/2021 13:08:34 13 4
Only because anyone and everyone can be tested now. A positive test isn’t reflective in infection numbers. Still at a 99% recovery rate.
05/01/2021 13:20:47 9 4
And in our case in Norfolk, because most of London emptied last weekend, to their little "cottages in country darling"
05/01/2021 12:04:33 200 28
One word
Smallpox was eradicated by clean drinking water, good sanitation and better nutrition, as indeed were all such disease of the gut. Don't believe the Big Pharma hype Removed
05/01/2021 13:00:05 1 3
05/01/2021 13:06:11 1 4
malaria can be eradicated by good sanitation too..most people in 3rd world countries have Herd Immunity
05/01/2021 13:30:00 2 2
If that were really the case, then tens of thousands of people that live in places where they have no access to any of the things you mention would still be dying from Smallpox.
05/01/2021 14:45:31 1 0
Smallpox killed 260 million people in the 20th century alone. It was eradicated by an extremely successful vaccination programme orchestrated by the WHO. Although it can be spread by poor sanitation, the primary method of spreading was prolonged face-to-face contact, but occasionally it spread via the airborne route, like the flu and covid-19. Variola major smallpox killed approximately 30%.
05/01/2021 14:45:51 0 0
Perhaps you were thinking of Cholera?
If I can get it without putting a fanny pad on my face I'll have it, if not I'll just continue to ignore the cuckdowns and nonsensical panic as I have since this mass hysteria began. Removed
05/01/2021 13:07:13 2 0
and probably infected hundreds
05/01/2021 13:10:56 0 0
Oh dear, another "Fact Free Delusional" rant!??
05/01/2021 13:12:39 0 0
You're part of the reason as to ehy we're in another lockdown
05/01/2021 12:49:43 4 5
Id just like to personally thank the Chinese for this Pandemic, and may we all do our utmost to continue to by crap from them for the foreseeable. Or at least till we all become communists.
The vaccines are neither safe nor effective. Why take the risk when the disease is so mild? Removed
05/01/2021 13:13:32 2 1
If you read some of the comments by people who've actually had it, you'd know your statement is totally false!??
05/01/2021 13:18:47 0 0
We know who you are
05/01/2021 13:01:24 0 1
someone in his office should know. Constituents of ministers should not be ignored they get expenses to employ people to answer constituents letters
Probably thought not that idiot again.... Removed
05/01/2021 13:27:27 4 2
Wait till you see the Celebrities and media workers trying to queue jump passing themselves off as essential workers
Like in Poland? And like it was here early on with testing. Amazing how footballers got tests, when I couldn't. Scum. Removed
05/01/2021 12:09:24 1172 166
The negativity on this subject is absolutely astounding. I am no fan of how the Govt have managed this Pandemic, but when it comes to vaccination we are literally leading the World.......and people just moan. I'm afraid the only answer here is to have a little patience. I for one am happy to applaud all involved in the vaccine roll out - keep up the good work!!
Have you not heard the BBC News updated slogan :-
Don't the days seem dark and long.
When everything's right and nothing goes wrong.
And isn't your life extremely flat
When you've nothing whatever to grumble at.
05/01/2021 12:26:16 233 40
Just to be clear. The UK alone has vaccinated 1,200,000 people so far.
This is twices as many as the whole of the EU, where France had imuunised just over 500 people and Holland ZERO.
This is a start from scratch process and Britain is leading the race.
It isn't easy with the whole world competing for every resource but no country is doing more to get the vaccine into people's arms.
I'm not sure where Slicknick has got his figures from. If he is referring to the clinical trial data a lot of people tested will have received a placebo not the vaccine and many may not have received the optimal dosage. There hasn't been time to properly study dosage or long term affects although vaccinations tend to be a black art rather than a science. Removed
05/01/2021 13:38:14 3 0
Cant stand his facial expression.
05/01/2021 13:46:29 1 0
Martgen , being clinically thick I think IS a condition. You were too generous in suggesting this individual actually had a brain cell.
The last NHS consultant i saw was clinically thick. An arrogant cnut too. Removed
05/01/2021 14:00:53 5 3
The other question is whether the vaccine will work. Concerning news that the strain found in South Africa seems to be more resistant to the current vaccines. We might have vaccinated a lot of people only to find out that the vaccine no longer offers protection. Then we are back at square one.
you do realise that is the plan don't you, this is never going away now, until the goal; of the elite is achieved, UBI, mandatory annual vaccines, bio passports, freedom passes, social credits and carbon allowances to determine what you can and cannot do, this was never about a virus, covid is just the trojan horse Removed
you do realise that is the plan don't you, this is never going away now, until the goal; of the elite is achieved, UBI, mandatory annual vaccines, bio passports, freedom passes, social credits and carbon allowances to determine what you can and cannot do, this was never about a virus, covid is just the trojan horse Removed
Better in the UK than the beloved EU. Removed
05/01/2021 13:45:25 0 2
No-one is going to invest in manufacturing in the UK for a very long time so you can forget it.
05/01/2021 14:42:52 0 2
Do you think Graham has a problem with geography? Having seen his previous posts I think he too is confused. Removed
05/01/2021 15:08:00 11 2
Old Macron getting uppity just before Christmas about the risk from the UK, turns out he's only vaccinated about 500 in France. We should make sure all French truckers are clear of covid before they are let in this country
Excellent analysis of the situation. Granny-grabber Macron and his corrupt mafia friends in the EU have hoodwinked the remoaners in to thinking they are a beacon of covid enlightenment when the facts now clearly show the EU covid rates are completely out of control. Their borders are impossible to police, their vaccines stolen by their mafia govts and their unelected leaders look the other way! Removed
Please stay at home and wait for your jab!!!!!!!! unless you need to buy a plant...!!!HAAAA HHAAA. If this was a film it would get one star - unbelievable bollocks Removed
05/01/2021 15:15:06 2 1
Put out to tender to many chiefs not enough Indians in thr NHS
05/01/2021 15:45:12 1 6
There is a medical guideline that says a 'prescription should be taken in its entirety, don't stop just because you feel better'. The government imposes a lockdown then cancels it the minute people start to 'feel better'.

Maintain the lockdown until the disease has minimized not when it starts to feel good. Starting & stopping a lockdown has little value, it is a waste of time & money.
We are talking about a clown buffoon village idiot in charge Removed
Ffs BBC, give us the option to have posts moderated that peddle easily verifiable lies

And permanently ban the IPs of those who repeatedly peddle disinformation and attacks that are off topic, rather than allowing right-wing conspiracists and extremists the opportunity to spread their insanity

Vaccines work for the vast majority of people, it's Tory governments that don't ??
Ignoring the fact that they beat Labour by 4,000,000 votes at the last GE. Removed
05/01/2021 16:08:09 0 1
Not all vaccines work, only the appropriately trialled and reputable government health and drug regulator approved vaccines
05/01/2021 16:12:02 0 2
I think you'll find it's the left-wing that are full of conspiracy theories .... amongst other, even less savoury opinions
05/01/2021 15:56:55 3 5
With 50,000 new cases a day and 1000 detahs a day this is clearly worse than the initial first wave.

Therefore covid jabs should be made mandatory and those refusing it should be named n shamed, fined and refused any NHS treatment until they play ball.

It's not about YOU, it's about protecting all of us. A vaccine is the only solution, so get it or pay the price like the social lepers you are.
05/01/2021 16:07:18 0 1
PMSL....froth more.
Ffs BBC, give us the option to have posts moderated that peddle easily verifiable lies

And permanently ban the IPs of those who repeatedly peddle disinformation and attacks that are off topic, rather than allowing right-wing conspiracists and extremists the opportunity to spread their insanity

Vaccines work for the vast majority of people, it's Tory governments that don't ??
Ignoring the fact that they beat Labour by 4,000,000 votes at the last GE. Removed
I spoke to an 88 year old lady today who has had both of her jabs at Basildon hospital. She said both were done on time and efficiently by really nice staff. She has felt a little tired but otherwise fine. Everybody I know over 80 has been vaccinated. The trouble with the OVERPAID morons at the BBC is they think they run the country. GUESS WHAT YOU DON'T. I will vote to have your licence revoked Removed
05/01/2021 16:10:34 1 2
My 86 year old mother, her 87 year old sister, and 79 year old brother ... all been vaccinated ... A bit of a wait outside in a queue, but otherwise efficient ... Doesn't fit BBC rhetoric though huh !
05/01/2021 15:58:43 4 1
This format for HYS is unwieldy, it does not improve with time it remains horrible. WHY has it been adopted?
05/01/2021 16:13:41 3 10
Just as well we live now in a brexit wonderland, surely the ?? unicorns can volunteer.
13 million by mid Feb, no wonder NS gently let this one go when asked. No chance, more hot air Boris.

Just be honest for once ?
Here is the evidence Guinness farts prevent cov-19 infections! They can clear rooms in under 5 minutes folks. As a proud Dubliner I should know! Dublin airport had to install new air com!
05/01/2021 16:25:46 4 2
If they removed my comment they should certainly remove this one !
05/01/2021 16:28:48 1 1
Guinness isn't anywhere near as good as the English stouts it is based on.
05/01/2021 16:16:39 1 13
The Oxford vaccine is a viral vector vaccine comprising a virus derived from a Chimp's turd which has a gene added coding for the spike protein. So it is a GMO injection which has unknown long term unintended effects. The Sputnik one uses a human vector virus even more risky! As for the mRNA one it still is unproven. Clinical trials were not designed to show they can save lives, reduce admissions.
only turd on here is you Removed
Another negative BBC doom and gloom spreading article. Removed
ovalball 16:27
Kwitters " oh don't be so negative and get behind the failing government"
Kwitters "let's get out of the failing EU we can't support the EU failure anymore"
Kwitters great big fat comedies

Relevance to the topic ... none.
Just another excuse for ' ovalball ' and his Remoaner ilk to shout off at the mouth again.
05/01/2021 16:32:12 4 2
ignore 'ovalball'

everyone else does

don't feed the trolls
05/01/2021 16:40:03 0 1
A "Quitter" is someone who signs up for something, then gives up due to lack of dedication. You can't be a Quitter for something you never voted for.

The vast majority of leave voters were not old enough to vote in the 1975 referendum - so the insult is highly inaccurate.

As is the comparison - we're only asking you to get behind this vaccination, not to keep the government for another 40 years
Here we go again - the BBC is petrified that there may, just may be an end to this sometime and has to dig out more negative news. I hope the BBC is dismantled Removed
My lifelong admiration of the BBC has been slowly whittled away over the last year. The constant negativity in a situation where hindsight is easy shows poor journalism. Removed
05/01/2021 16:41:04 3 1
Better that than happly clappy propaganda, aka Russia , North Korea
05/01/2021 16:46:06 0 1
The PM is dealing with a very difficult situation. However he has consistently been over optimistic and acted too late. We were brought out of the last lockdown early with reckless abandon. This is nothing to do with hindsight. Is anybody surprised by this latest lockdown? The PM is also undermined by the Julia Brewer Hartley types who undermine the public health message. Why not moan at them?
05/01/2021 16:48:17 0 1
Liar, or just ever increased brainwashing by peddlers of conspiracies and right-wing propaganda?!?
05/01/2021 16:38:55 4 2
South African scientists have said the variant of Covid sweeping their country is immune to the Vaccines currently being used in the rest of the world.

So what next then ?
Close the effing borders ffs, we are an Island. Removed
I've just had my post accusing the BBC of lazy hindsight journalism removed. Removed
05/01/2021 16:49:53 6 1
Perhaps they will restore it after a fact check?
05/01/2021 16:50:38 1 1
Why are you surprised. I've sent in hundreds of questions for them to ask Drakeford and they are too scared too ask proper questions .
05/01/2021 16:50:43 2 2
They don't like facts.
Good old BBC, finding the negative in a good news story
What is their game?
This is not by accident
It is no coincidence that nearly every story they publish is a negative one, they hide away good news and spin stories to give a negative viewpoint
At this moment in our history we need to keep positive, the BBC seems to follow the MSM / Globist policy of 17 negative stories to every one positive
05/01/2021 16:54:23 2 2
You’ll have to tell us what positives you can find in today’s stats. Are you an undertaker?
05/01/2021 16:47:31 5 9

Over 60000 daily cases now, plus MASSIVE death toll again, despite Brexit and vaccines that both come true

Over 60000 daily cases??? in reality I bet the true number is even way more than this as this tory regime has reach maximum of its testing capacity

Feel so lucky I was successful to flee from UK to China this Sept just weeks before it was completely out of control

How's that bat soup tasting ?

Say hi to the biological weapons team in Wuhan for us....great work.
05/01/2021 16:40:42 1 6
I wonder if Comrade Remoaner could tells us exactly how many people in the UK have died OF Covid-19 rather than how many people have died WITH Covid-19?

There is a difference!

I bet there isn't another country in the world that counts people who 'died upto 28 days after a positive test' is 'Covid-19 related'

How many people died in hospital whilst connected to a ventilator?
Do you often make bets without having a clue what you are talking about? Removed
05/01/2021 16:57:08 4 1
Just to emphasise the size of the task to get 12 million vaccinations in 7 weeks would require 3 injections per second for 24 hours a day. Even if this is spread across 1000 centres working 10 hours a day for 42 days that is still one injection every 2 minutes. I don't want to be negative but please can we be realistic about the size of the task that faces us and the timescale we need.
05/01/2021 17:00:30 3 6
Well done all you selfish b******s. You wanted Xmas, you wanted super spreader kids in school and business as usual. Now you pay the price.

Do as you are told, get indoors and stay there until approved to come out. Up to a thousand a day are dying again thanks to YOU not obeying the rules.

Be warned - I will film and report anyone i see breaking lockdown like i happily did over Xmas. Enough!
Here we go again, more negativity from the BBC. Removed
05/01/2021 17:03:20 3 5
It’s called the news. If it’s negative then that’s not their fault
05/01/2021 17:08:46 0 1
of course the Brexit-Uk's government response to the pandemic and associated economic collapse has been excellent
05/01/2021 17:11:05 7 9
Come on everyone

Stop expecting liar Johnson the Prime minister to be a leader

Forget all his lies
Forget the failures
Stop being negative

Forget 75,000 dead

If we just Forget all of that and stop being negative

And just start believing in Johnson and his failures

Things won't get any better
But we
Will just end up with more Tory lies failure and corruption

And that's what they want
Is the BBC in the pay of the EU or are BBC hacks just cheesed off as they can't get their cheap eastern european nannies any more? If there is a sliver of a way of spinning a positive piece of news negatively, they'll find it.

Time to end the compulsory tax on TV. End the fee!
05/01/2021 17:30:02 0 0
Oh great! Another "Delusional Fact Free" rant! Just whatbwe really need!??
05/01/2021 17:13:23 3 2
Surprised not seeing suggestion that we bring in military medical personnel to give vaccines.
05/01/2021 17:33:16 1 1
You are in their front room. Why not say your goodbyes and go?
05/01/2021 17:33:47 0 1
did you not follow the press conference during which the medical experts accepted the unknown risk of virus mutation increased by extending wait from 4 weeks to 12 weeks for 2nd dose vaccination
05/01/2021 17:37:16 0 1
Why? Try some evidence for once???
05/01/2021 17:49:27 0 1
BBC what a waste of air time no clarity just a covid news their is more happening with the world ?? stop ramming covid down our throats
I have posted twice criticising the BBC’s reporting of this topic, both have been removed. Speaks volumes about objectivity. Removed
05/01/2021 17:39:35 2 3
Cherry picking and hidden political agendas abound.
05/01/2021 17:40:36 0 0
On HYS it’s the BBC who decide what subjects you can comment about and what you are allowed to say ....their just have to pay!
05/01/2021 17:44:53 2 0
No, you broke the rules, someone reported you & your post is removed! That's it!??
This article is one more nail in the utterly biased, pro-Remain, pro-Labour snowflake
BBC's coffin. Your days are numbered.
05/01/2021 17:43:58 3 2
It's another "Fact Free Delusional" rant, in a vain attempt to deflect away from the ineptness of this Govt!??
What makes Nick Triggle more of an expert than all those involved in bringing the vaccines to us?
Answer nothing! Its so easy for him in his bigoted way to report every possible problem that there might be in order to create so called news and further his and his employer's agenda. But it would be far more difficult for him to report actual news, because I don't think he could recognise it
05/01/2021 17:41:51 3 2
Excellent more "Fact Free" posts from Govt apologists!??
If anyone has a vacancy for a useless lazy overweight corrupt liar

Don't worry

Our PM Major Catastrophe is going to be free

Very very soon
05/01/2021 18:49:55 0 2
Just ERG + mates classified as elite??!? No QE2?, No multi£ SKS? No Labour lords and other non-ERG affiliated elites? Very Odd!
05/01/2021 19:17:54 3 3
We can only go as fast as the vaccine is produced with the rest of the world wanting vaccines as well. So far with having some control over the Oxford vaccine production we are in front of the pack and doing well.
05/01/2021 19:02:27 1 8
Yet again the BBC rolls out another negative article,shame on you everyone is doing there best,OK sometimes it doesn't meet the standards of the small minded people out there who of course could have done better?
yes like Taiwan and New Zealand. Take your stupid blindfold off before you need a different prescription to avoid any more hallucinations about a serial liar doing his best, he's doing everything to screw it from start to finish.
Open The Borders, Bring It ON, Business As Usual, Whack A Mole, Operation Last Gasp etc etc.

Doing their best, totally deluded more like it.