Rahane's fine ton puts India in control
27/12/2020 | sport | cricket | 259
Stand-in captain Ajinkya Rahane's brilliant unbeaten century gives India control of the second Test against Australia on day two.
As the BBC has decided not to open HYS in the cricket section for a while.

I'd like to congratulate England on the appointment of Jacque Kallis. His knowledge should help the batting move forward. Not bad with the ball as well.
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both leading Test Championship and currently in top 3 if ICC rank. If they are poor, how to describe the lot outside the top 3?
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Great Innings by Rahane and, so far, great captaincy. Kohli is a great batsman, but a not so great captain. His captaincy in the IPL was disastrous and India have lost games they should have won, in all formats, due to his poor captaincy.
Leave Kohli to score multitudinous runs. If India had Rahane, or someone similar, as captain instead of Kohli, they could become one of the all-time great teams
Absolutely true, but one immovable mountain stands in the way - the Kohli ego!
Always makes me wonder why the best player in the team, in almost every sport from schooldays on, is almost automatically made the captain, even if they are a hopeless moron
A fantastic knock from Rahane. It was good to watch.

It wasn't quite as good as watching that smug ( C U Next Tuesday) Nathan Lyon with his arse in his hand at the close of play though. One of the finer things in sport, I'm sure you'll agree...
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Ah the return of Dikram, the most least knowledgeable cricket fan in history.
So my comment has been removed for congratulating Kallis for being appointed England batting coach on this HYS as the powers that be (BBC) thought it to be off-topic due to this being an Indian-Aus thread.

So to be inclusive. Well done to India. You're in the box seat. Now you just need to see it through and not collapse like the previous test.
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