Covid: New variant found ‘due to hard work of UK scientists’
22/12/2020 | news | health | 1,005
Similar new variants of the coronavirus may be circulating undetected around the world, scientists say.
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Stark contrast to the way China covered the initial outbreak, and yet there were no travel bans for months. The endless politicising on all sides of this pandemic is shameful
22/12/2020 18:21:40 1 16
well, this is an extremely racist headline from the BBC

we expect more. or do we?
BBC y don't u do proper journalism
How much does bill gates pay u for saying exactly as they want u to say
The virus is msm and government
Enjoy ur last ever year as u will be turned to rubble at the end of this
I look forward to having drink when ur gone and doris and his mob of war criminals are in prison
If u even think about deleting this
It just proves u know that its TRUE
22/12/2020 18:56:52 1 1
I suppose all views must be aired even when sanity is questionable
Well done.

Over 2/3 of Britain's press is controlled by just four radically right-wing billionaire sociopaths (Murdoch, Harmsworth, and the Barclay brothers).

You can tell.
It's mutating into a cold Removed
Made up virus. Suggest all the sheep bang a pan outside to celebrate the discovery Removed
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And the earth is flat - yeah, we know.
Gammon and sheep. I feel bovines are underrepresented! Removed
Cant wait for the bbc to be held responsible for this scaremongering and helping the government in the biggest scam for a generation. Hope boris and co get sent to prison after all this is over. It's like living in nazi germany. Should all be ashamed. Democracy is an illusion Removed
All this could be over in a heartbeat if we all stood up to this b.s. we could go back to normal tomorrow Removed
Utter horseshit. They had to find a reason to keep us locked up. Removed
22/12/2020 18:28:13 33 358
Absolute and utter nonsense!! Don’t be fooled by the propaganda!
Were you born an arse or do you just sit on it ? Removed this is what we have done to our sun by turning our planet into a giant electromagnet with north and south pole and whole planet wired up with electrical wires. Now making plasma fly out from sun and blast particles around the Earth protecting planet in the Ozone layer, being frazzled by suns plasma. Allowing much more harmful UV rays to get through. Removed
22/12/2020 19:56:51 4 20
They will all have found new strains.

We’re the only ones who big it up to justify a Christmas u-turn and conjure up the master stroke of declaring ourselves out of control, resulting in the rest of the world closing their borders to us
100% anyone who down votes this is a moron Removed
22/12/2020 19:57:36 8 13
what a pathetic little nation you have become
22/12/2020 19:04:16 25 67
No they are not thrown at the UK just a corrupt tory government led by a Clown & his circus. No normal person as criticised the health service it's the Tory's that spent 10 years running it down.
And you think smarmy Starmer would make better job. Get real, idiot Removed
SOD the EU tell them nothing let them do the work themselves Removed
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Are you 10?
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Yes let's infect and kill them all. Wind your neck in and grow up.
BBC stops freedom of speech and opinion especially if it doesn’t agree with them. Discontinue licence fee now Removed
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This narrative has spread to Facebook, Google, twitter, basically trying to control your politics to suit theirs.
22/12/2020 20:40:42 3 6
Don't tell the French anything they will use it against you! Don't remember the Frogs giving us warning of sending Covid to the UK, along with the separate export, without a licence, of illegal immigrants?
Shut up you idiot. Berxit supporting, flag waving drool dripping fool. Removed
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I'll make you a horlicks dear.
22/12/2020 18:16:40 519 40
Correct. However, that will not fit the agendas of lots of anti UK posters on here
Yes, but you have to admit, UK is fu*king rubbish anyway. A turd of an island. Removed
The scientific community was and remains unanimous in its condemnation of Brexit. Anyone who supposedly praises their work while at the same time wanting to hamper it by insisting we leave the EU is a snivelling hypocrite. Removed
Since some of the xenophobic Brexiteers have come out to play, can I remind them that they are not supposed to listen to experts and scientists. Removed
Lots of mutants in Parliament!! Project Fear is the agenda and always has been !! Removed
Dirty French close down our borders when the new variant probably came via them in the first place just as it did in the first wave. Haw he haw he haw. Removed
Dirty dirty Tory England. Removed
22/12/2020 20:24:50 39 56
Haven't seen 1 "smug remoaner" going on about it being unique to UK.

What I have seen is comments as childish as yours being posted by ignorant people suggesting the French closed their borders to upset us when we did exactly the same in regards to Netherlands and their mink strain.
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Are you hiding or been locked in your ma’s wood shed? Removed
22/12/2020 18:28:13 33 358
Absolute and utter nonsense!! Don’t be fooled by the propaganda!
22/12/2020 19:38:20 7 103
English plague it is
22/12/2020 21:22:02 5 17
Funny how you've forgotten about 2nd and 3rd waves, coming out of lockdown/tiers, the xmas rush, increase in feeling poorly during winter - to match your flag waving ideology that the EU is bad bad man and should go away!

Seriously though, you've got to be a blind idiot not to see through your post.
If anyone is a blind idiot, it’s you. Removed