Will schools be closed next term by variant of virus?
22/12/2020 | news | education | 60
The new variant of coronavirus could overtake plans for returning to school in England next term.
23/12/2020 12:02:08 17 12
Obviously schools should be closed at least till the summer. Good weather held back the virus last year. School enviroment is the worst posdible behaviour with this virus pandemic. Far worse than a few minutes passing in a shop or street. Stuck in confined soaces all day together. Get ahead, get it sorted out now for the next six months.
23/12/2020 11:45:03 18 3
Children and school staff should be prioritised to receive the Covid vaccine - that’s the only way schools can, hopefully, return safely to providing a normal education.
Call me old-fashioned, and with delusions about oaths like "first do no harm", but children do not need vaccination.

If there are any long term unforeseen effects of these vaccines, then the most at risk from them are children. Since the risk posed by covid-19 to them is negligible it is totally unethical to vaccinate them.
23/12/2020 15:03:44 8 0
My granddaughter's best friend was sent home from school a week before they broke up. She messaged her yesterday to say that her mum is in hospital with fluid on her lungs and will not be home for some time and she is only in her late thirties and was fit. The daughter is herself rather ill and says its like a really bad case of 'flu, but she feels so guilty about passing it on like this.
24/12/2020 00:53:39 3 1
Children are far from immune. Their death rate may be low (although I personally wouldn't consider ANY child dying acceptable...) but the long covid issues are very real, and surprisingly common in younger people it seems. I have a young family member who caught covid at school and they are still suffering long covid 2 months later. One of their school friends has been wiped out for 6 months...
23/12/2020 10:58:55 19 5
No doubt it will be the teachers / unions fault - nothing to do with the government at all! (I am being sarcastic)
23/12/2020 20:26:00 1 5
i would suggest you are one of the few
most on line so called and home schooling fails
I would suggest that you talk out of your posterior. Your lack of education shines through in your lamentable quality of English. As another poster queries, do you have any evidence to support your bilge or just your ignorance? Removed