Covid jab 'very likely' to protect against new variant
22/12/2020 | news | health | 599
If it doesn't, the boss of BioNTech says its vaccine could be refined very quickly.
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No doubt the "Anti Vax" brigade will be out in force soon with more baseless conspiracy theories.

This vaccine can be re-engineered quickly in a similar way that the flu vaccine changes each year as the flu mutates.

Well done to all the scientists working on this. The faster we can roll it out the better.
Your a sheep bet you drive around with a mask on when theres only you in the car Removed
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Enjoy your future hols in Bognor ????
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I love how 'a sheep' is a pejorative term. You've seen far too many images of fluffy, little baa-lambs! Get up on to t'Moors and Dales and then you'll see what real sheep are... like Swaledales! Go ahead, call me a sheep, and I'm a Swaledale ram staring folk down on a narrow moor-road, horns each as big as your head and eyes like the devil himself! ;)
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Very likely? Yes ok. Biggest scam going this so called deadly virus. Totally blown out of proportion. Life isn't risk free trying to put your lives on hold for years wearing a paper mask isn't worth it. The vaccine doesnt ever stop transmission or getting the virus I will spending my xmas with all my family and friends as normal
Well then, you are a blindingly irresponsible idiot. Removed
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Enjoy your xmas on your own you mug
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“He” is almost certainly a troll as well.
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There have been lot's of variants so far. The only reason we are making a fuss about this one is that BJ and Hancock wanted a novel excuse for reneging on his Christmas promise.

Currently, the "70% more infectious" is pure conjecture, without strong scientific evidence to back it up

While it's highly likely immunity won't be affected, at the current time this too is nothing more than speculation
Your level of negativity is pathetic. Removed
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I'll take my chances with not having the vaccination, got 99.6 percent chance of survival without it
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If everyone else chooses to be vaccinated they will be fine wont they?
22/12/2020 16:09:43 26 11
It’s sad that our scientists have to explain this. Of course it can be used with tweaks. It’s what happens to every drug to respond to mutations!

We will be in lockdown until we reach 80% vaccinated. These anti vaxxers with their pretend science are keeping up all locked up
No we will be in lockdown until Herd is achieved. The vaccine doesn't work 5% in trials get COVID. Without Vaccine 1% get COVID FACT Removed
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Saying fact doesn't really make your make believe incoherent rant 'fact'
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That's not how the arithmetic works. It's not 95% of people in the study didn't get it so 5% did, it's 95% of the people who did get it had taken the placebo and not the vaccine. The upshot of this is that if the infection %age of an unvaccinated population is 1% as you, it will reduce to 0.05% if everyone is vaccinated.
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Let’s get it done whilst it works !!!
it does not work it is unproven and had limited testing Removed
So it’s also likely to be in the rest of the free moving EU. Thus France. So Macronic is just being a typical arrogant frog. I’ll be over to sing their national anthem when it’s all over, ‘we’ll keep the WHITE flag flying here’ Removed
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The new virus mutation and more variants may emerge before enough have been vaccinated. The efforts of scientists who have made the vaccines possible represent an outstanding achievement . This is a reminder the work is not over yet , and it's good they are confident of adapting vaccines as needed.

We should all appreciate the contribution of volunteers , medics and essential workers this year.
It isn't a vaccine, it's Gene replacement therapy. A vaccine introduces an inert version of the virus for the immune system to identify. I would like to see what bit of the human genome is being altered. The last 'variant' to hit the UK was the VW, an ugly beast. Removed
22/12/2020 16:49:04 1 0
Where on earth do you get this stuff from. The vaccine is a piece of messenger RNA. It gets into your cells and your ribosomes use it to make the antigen protein which triggers antibody production. It doesn't get incorporated into your genome; there is no mechanism by which it would.
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Stop spreading fake news . The vaccine does not alter a persons genome or the DNA/RNA just as the flu vaccine doesn't alter them just as a blood transfusion etc alter them .
22/12/2020 15:45:53 48 4
lets hope so or it's game over for another year!.
Trouble is i don't think society will follow the rules for much longer.
If people obeyed the rules in lockdown 1.0 we would not be in this mess now. Thank you stupid people. Removed
22/12/2020 17:46:04 5 2
Let the anti-vax brigade opt out of having the vaccine if they please, but they need to be made aware that their anti-social behaviour has consequences that will have a direct impact on their lifestyles. There's no such thing as a free lunch.

No vaccine = no entry to any public place i.e. restaurants, bars, cinemas, theatres, sports venues, trains, airports.
Now now Hitler Removed
22/12/2020 17:38:15 3 2
Just get this done, sooner the better, totally sick and fed up with having all this scaremongering and doom being rammed down our throats 7 days a week, 24/7, enough is enough
Totally dick and fed up with people like you who only care about yourselves Removed
22/12/2020 21:58:51 1 4
Where do you get your facts from Dan? The dark web? The guy down the road that knows someone who knows someones brother that..(et al), or Aliens perhaps?
The NHS has a great mental health care system,you should try it.
Seems like Dan does his own research, which is the best way to get true facts. You Shanararararara talk utter s**t and watch the news Removed
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Yeah, it's a great scam for Big Biotech - make huge profits on a vaccine which works for a few weeks or months & then make huge profits on another one, repeat indefinitely.

Meanwhile we're still all locked down & our arms look like collanders.

If SARS-CoV-2 is like 'flu, vaccines are at best a very partial answer. Vaccinating for a variant that is no longer current just wastes time & money.
you are an idiot Removed
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Good luck to them I myself am not interested in vaccines of anything GOD as giving us antibodies put faith in GOD many lukewarm Christians reject this notion because they don't have faith in GOD himself as I don't believe in wearing masks or social distancing because it's about control that's my opinion free speech