Covid: Case for recalling MPs over emergency, says Sir Keir Starmer
21/12/2020 | news | politics | 1,120
The Labour leader also urges the PM to give daily updates, amid cross party calls for Parliament's return.
What for? Just to allow Sir Kneeling Starmer to spout hot air? Removed
21/12/2020 13:07:19 12 10
That's a good one.
21/12/2020 13:16:11 3 2
So the Tory mps opposed to lockdown can have their say on the new lockdown. The reason it was announced after recess was so they wouldn’t be able to complain
21/12/2020 13:18:48 8 6
Starmer is on top of his brief, unlike the lazy, hapless Johnson. He’s been offering clear advice for months. Unfortunately Johnson is only interested in humouring the lunatic libertarian fringe in his own party. We are all suffering.
21/12/2020 13:12:52 114 41
Never trust a lawyer.
Especially one who let Saville off the hook Removed
This didn’t happen.

Also, another white religious man touching kids...
21/12/2020 13:12:43 166 42
So send all the MPs into zone 4 - Starmer at his absolute best
Idiot at its best, it will be done virtualy. Removed
Especially one who let Saville off the hook Removed
This didn’t happen.

Also, another white religious man touching kids...
21/12/2020 13:41:16 7 17
Most can’t go back because they’re probably already on holiday somewhere with their friends and family. Possibly in Durham.
21/12/2020 14:37:57 2 1
Perhaps the mps would like to question Hancock on requesting the jvci to model a Covid vaccine roll out to school children. None of the Covid Vaccines have been tested on childrenPerhaps the BBC could report in this
Hancock does not know what is hand is doing, Tosser! Removed
21/12/2020 15:37:27 2 5
Who says they are trolls? Why does anyone need paying? Does it not occur to you that people have a go at starmer because they genuinely don't like him or any of his policies?
Are you one of those people who like to use the word "misinformation" alot too? You seem the type.
I think Ikea Starmer wants a recall, as Krankie Sturgeon has a better profile than him currently and she's crass !! Removed
Surely BoZo's on holiday anyway and can't attend?

After all, chasing totty and pretending to be someone he isn't, is what he does best

Please don't ask him to make a decision, the village idiot is just a dithering buffoon, who looks like a Dulux Dog on Heat and a Mohair jumper put in the hot wash

Other than that we don't want a pathological serial liar buggering up the winter solstice! Too Late
21/12/2020 17:21:43 3 0
Agree but the BBC will remove this but well done
Starmer is so good, remember Operation Elveden, which hunted 24 x journalists purely because their papers didn't back Gordon Brown, with all 24 being acquitted and at a cost of £30 Million to the UK taxpayer, and of course he refused to apologise for the misuse of public funds, a truly untrustworthy smarmy, slimy fool!!! Removed
21/12/2020 17:41:10 4 4
Boris has missed a golden opportunity here he should put
Yo-Yo you said Keir Starmer in charge of Covid-19 he thinks he can do better as he has all the answers
More from the pathetic tory apologists who love a total serial lying buffoon so they can praise a total twaat Removed
21/12/2020 18:11:45 2 3
bitter lefties out tonight. Vote for captain hindsight a world beater !!!!!
21/12/2020 16:26:53 0 0
But they're foreigners aren't they so you'd expect them to get it wrong but we're Brits aren't we so we're better than all of them (except we're not). We haven't even capitalised on our island situation.