Pre-Christmas lockdown restrictions hit retail sales
18/12/2020 | news | business | 383
Sales fell by 3.8% last month, bringing to an end a six-month streak of rising trade.
According to the incompetent, self congratulaTory H Cock, Britain's "world class genomic capability" is at the forefront of detecting new coronavirus strains, while those in charge screw up everything they touch, except the bungs.

Meanwhile if sales are down, tough luck and as soon as the Christmas relaxation rules are in place the virus will be spreading again, while HCock congratulates himself.
18/12/2020 10:39:21 3 13
If a bunch of anti-capitalist anarchists had planned to wreck the economy, they couldn't have done a better job than the health zealots who are riding the waves of this cold virus.
An ordinary cold virus, does not produce Covid-19 symptoms fool. Removed
18/12/2020 11:43:32 4 7
No sympathy at all for businesses in this country. They only care about themselves and their profit margins and have never cared about the welfare, health or economic, of the British population. I realize its not the responsibility of businesses to care about the welfare of the British population, but equally it is not the responsibility of British people to care about the profits of businesses.