Covid curbs scandalous, says Revolution Bars chief
17/12/2020 | news | business | 324
Chief executive Rob Pitcher says the government is "sacrificing businesses and people's livelihoods".
17/12/2020 10:48:57 7 10
So who cares if a few overpriced bar chains go under. Sure, a lot of money goes through their tills but they add nothing to the true value of our economy as much of their stock is imported wine and beer, to say nothing of the cost burden alcohol places on the NHS. Yes jobs will be lost but that provides a pool of generally young customer focused labour with better prospects than pulling pints.
what a complete and utter idiot you are.... Removed
look dont worry .. its not all bad .....

Cpi Inflation (one of the rigged ones) is 0.3% this month AND Train tickets are only going up 2.6% and Council tax 4 - 5% (not in CPI) in Spring 2021 .....

Millions of JAMS identified in 2016- crying out for help now joined by the middle class in 2021.

When does the revolution start again- Im in !

When will we get rid of engineered decline Govt?
Don't forget the PCR test does not test for viruses and it is only 7% accurate. The inventor stated it should not be used to test for viruses. It's all a con 1)
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It makes me laugh of all these comments, blaming each other and uk goverments. Why don't populations and governments from all around the world, STOP AND THINK WHY IS THE WORLD IN SUTCH A MESS. one word CHINA. There should be a world wide trade embargo against China. All economies would be stronger and all agree not to trade with them Removed