FIA confirms longest Formula 1 season
17/12/2020 | sport | f1 | 622
Formula 1's governing body the FIA confirms the calendar for the longest season in history next year.
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Exclusively live on SkyF1, because all that matters is money. Now go away you grubby freeloaders, we have removed the possibility of your RTL+R5L bodge and because of our unique arrangement with SkyF1 you can't watch a live stream from Formula1dotcom.

Sky, destroying sport in the UK and elsewhere for 30 years
I managed to find a live stream for each of last year's races.

Keep trying (and keep your anti virus up to date)
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We need Hamilton to put a stop to all this.
Sorry your sentence seems to be incomplete let me help you there...."We closet racists and Hamilton haters need Hamilton to put a stop to all this" Removed
Bahrain, China,Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Abu Dhabi need to go. F1 needs to be taking a stand against human rights abusers. I'd also argue that Mexico and Brazil should go, given their current situations and their records on poverty.

Time for F1 to stop being the playground of ignorant playboys.
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Monaco should be first to go. It's not a race, just a series of parade laps
The off track entertainment in Saudi Arabia should be great- at turn 1 we will have public executions, turn 5 an 18 year old rape victim will be flogged for having extramarital goings on, and the stadium section will pass through the local prison, full of people who dared to ask for the right to vote. Removed
I love the way the BBC have removed all the comments highlighting human rights issues in Saudi Arabia..... Removed
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Don't forget China and Russia too. F1 has got into bed with some very unpleasant regimes but sportswashing and millions of dollars suddey makes them acceptable to F1's American owners.
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What about England? It too is corrupt, Racist, sexist homophobic and covered in blood money, where do we begin?
Clearly a 'tolerant' Corbyn lefty. Is it a certain Abrahamic religion's fault that we are 'corrupt, Racist [sic], sexist homophobic and covered in blood money'? Removed
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Yes she does, she describes it perfectly.
I'm happy we were given a Formula One season when it almost seemed impossible. I do wander if the FIA isn't 'in the pocket' of someone because as the governing body surely its in their interest to make sure the sport's run well, LibertyMedia only look after the commercial interests. The FIA often seem pathetic. I wouldn't be surprised if there are a few brown envelopes going around Removed
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A bit like your comment ??????????????