'My season rail pass has risen £12,000 since 1997'
16/12/2020 | news | business | 674
Fares will rise more than expected next year, although the 2.6% increase will be delayed until March.
16/12/2020 13:21:20 41 5
Who cares. We'll all be working from home for a long time yet...
im literally not even working at home now u blind bast4rd Removed
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16/12/2020 13:19:56 192 35
A good friend of mine works for Net. Rail and received their £1000 bonus this year despite the pandemic. Unions fought hard to keep bonuses for staff. The same Unions are now fighting against a fare increase. Government intervention or not - a tax payer funded company spaffing out bonuses for under-utilised staff is not high on my list of praises.
A good friend of mine works for ur mum Removed
16/12/2020 13:17:16 173 11
They should reduce the cost, not increase it. Trains are far too expensive.

Around the world, you can use better train services for far less.

Why are we content to pay masses of money for a mediocre service?
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16/12/2020 13:18:42 86 4
It's getting ridiculous, have abandoned the railways now and started driving in as its so much more cost effective. Will only be driving into the office post-Covid 2/3 times a week so rail season tickets are obsolete anyway. So out of touch.
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16/12/2020 20:34:57 5 1
My wife and I had to go into London on a couple of occasions in October. It cost more than I earn in a week for a 70 mile round trip. Advantage? The trains were empty even in rush hour because of the current brain dead rules. The disadvantage? Paying the money and knowing it was still a 5 mile walk once we got to the station. They cannot justify the price at all. Its almost cheaper by taxi!
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16/12/2020 13:35:57 17 40
Because the unions have a stranglehold
What drivel "The Unions..." How tdo Unions control the prices set by private companies you moron. We have private companies providing a rail sevice where the bottom line is to charge the most they can whilst providing the cheapest service the can get away with. Just like very other privatised service. Removed
16/12/2020 16:43:35 10 33
Ask the Trade Unions.
What drivel "The Unions..." How do Unions control the prices set by private companies you moron? We have private companies providing a rail sevice where the bottom line is to charge the most they can whilst providing the cheapest service the can get away with. Just like very other privatised service. Removed
16/12/2020 21:17:42 19 12
I don't commute and rarely use trains. Why should I subsidise through my taxes people who do.

I live in London and accepted higher property prices when zi bought. The mortgage remains the same but commuting costs rise every year
You dont pay taxes just for things you personally use you moron. Living outside London I don't pay taxes for people like you in london to have facilities provided to you. See how that works if we take your view? Did you once have some intelligence or were you always stupid?. Removed
16/12/2020 20:11:24 128 33
Agree completely - a self inflicted financial and social burden. No sympathy!!
16/12/2020 15:10:21 46 13
Jacqueline Starr makes no mention of bringing down the exorbitant salaries of railway workers which are utterly disproportionate. So many railway workers standing around doing nothing at Ashford international and all quite rude to boot
I wonder how much you earn? Youve no idea how much any rail employe earns do you, you moron? Removed
16/12/2020 19:54:43 192 33
23 years commuting from Rugby to London - why didn't he move and he's a Telecomms Manager who should know more than most about how to home work
16/12/2020 19:55:42 47 8
Wonder how long it will be before your employer realises that "working from home" can mean from places like India, Eastern Europe and the Philippines for a much lower wage than they pay you?
They already do! That's why Great British companies like that thieving bunch of scumbags at British Telecom have call centres in the Philipines and India - suppose it helps keep the number of complaints down when they can't understand what the customer is complaining about Removed
16/12/2020 22:25:48 1 4
Remove the Union stranglehold on Network Rail and those working for these private companies. Amazing how they aren't bleating about the massive bonuses the union members got mid-pandemic then bleat about how fighting a fare rise. Ridiculous on all fronts.
I imagine Mr Nesbit will be avoiding the train for the next few weeks considering the vitriol he has caused with his first class fee v salary. Pathetic person he is Removed