Heathrow wins court battle to build third runway
16/12/2020 | news | business | 990
In a blow to campaigners, judges say ministers' decision to approve the runway was legitimate.
16/12/2020 10:54:09 54 19
Supreme Court issue Rui kings brought against what is in front of them. They aren’t out of touch, just ruining according to laws.

I don’t like it either but blame the government for building it.
16/12/2020 11:50:37 5 1
Yes I am. Without a breakdown of those sampled we don't know that it was or wasn't a fair sample

The Friends of the Earth website says the sample was weighted, which means that some results are not counted if they are from the wrong social group. This is to try to make it more respresentative of the population but who says which votes to count, is it first come first counted? We simply don't know
16/12/2020 13:18:34 1 1
I believe the majority of surveys say we need a survey to see what the survey says, that way the survey company can be ambiguous and still make copious amounts of money. Or so the survey says.

Some of the surveys you see have small sample sizes that family fortunes or Pointless questions.
The majority of respondents say you are talking garbage. Removed
16/12/2020 10:50:37 81 147
"No one wants it; no one needs it. Just stop with these stupid vanity projects. "

Wrong. Wrong. And it isn't. Its called an intregrated travel network, and its vital for business as well as pleasure.
Idiot. Removed
16/12/2020 11:22:20 26 51
just because you think so?

hs2 and heathrow expansion will massively increase freight and connectivity - thus spread commerce, availability, access, business, urban living and ultimately WEALTH

your two seconds of thought are irrelevant
I hope you get the virus. Then you might learn. Idiot. Removed