'Game changer' Covid tests for secondary schools in January
15/12/2020 | news | education | 535
Secondary-school pupils in England who have been in contact with a positive case will have daily tests.
15/12/2020 14:23:03 5 24
It's so bad that you have to be tested to even know you have it.
If you do have it, your immune system beats it at a rate of 99.9997%

What's the point of all this bull?

There are no stipulations whatsoever for your mask, so it's clearly not required for medical reasons.

It's ALL political, all of it. It's about power, all of it.
15/12/2020 14:39:01 69 23
Closing schools for a few days before and after Xmas and putting work on line would not damage kids in the long run but it would help get on top of the infection and get the R number down. Follow this with mass testing in schools and then the vaccine.

Tories are making a political decision not a scientific one.
As a parent with a teenager taking GCSE's next year, can I just say *&@# off.

They've missed many months of teaching and we are throwing a whole generation under the bus to protect a few old wrinklies.
15/12/2020 14:47:12 3 2
Same here and sitting more mock papers between now and breaking up. It’s easy for those who’ve had their education to sit and preach on HYS. Good luck to your teenager with the exams.
15/12/2020 14:49:28 5 2
Clearly written by a highly aspirational parent with time on your hands. Instead of typing on here during the day, you could turn your hand to imparting vast reserves of knowledge to your child. But then again.
15/12/2020 14:50:11 7 1
What a selfish person you are. It is children who are spreading the virus
15/12/2020 14:34:23 4 2
Whats the point, with the way things are going in this country they only need to learn ' Will that be large fries with your order sir',
15/12/2020 14:10:28 42 16
Anyone with half a brain should have seen teenagers as the carriers of this virus.
If I go out I usually see groups of 6 or more gathered together without masks, talking and messing around. No one bothers to police this, so it just perpetuates the virus. Who knows how many people they pass it on to, going from one group to another.
Do not allow your children (or anybody) to be vaccinated because those vaccines will prove themselves to be deadly in the future as and when they respond extremely adversely to mutant Covid Removed
15/12/2020 15:38:06 1 0
OMG!!! Which planet are you on?
15/12/2020 16:02:08 2 0
Every one complains when kids are out of school and complain when they are in school. Most secondary school kids transmit covid due to a lack of discipline which is normally due to incompetent parents.
So stop bloody moaning you only have yourself to blame.
Most teachers are trying there best however there jobs are twice as hard dealing with stupid parents.
well said carl, are you a eunuch or a moron or probably both hahahahaaaa Removed
15/12/2020 17:35:47 3 1
Exactly. Slovakia & Luxenburg have done it, Austria is about to, so there's no reason why we can't, other than the will to do so.
Your not accounting for the dumb British public though!!! My job involves going into peoples houses, obviously I wear a mask and gloves, the homeowners and children rarely wear a mask and most don’t know what social distancing is, especially black people and the elderly they think they are immune!! Removed