EU reveals plan to regulate Big Tech
15/12/2020 | news | technology | 943
Facebook, Google and others face yearly checks and limits on what they can do with users' data.
15/12/2020 17:10:16 4 5
Typical EU compulsion to control and tax everything. It's no coincidence that the overregulated EU has produced no major player in this area of commerce.
Stop blaming the EU for your micro peanus! Be proud of yourself, celebrate Brexit!! God it’s good to be British! Removed
15/12/2020 17:45:55 3 3
If you go on the internet you can find loads of examples of people of certain ethnicity beating up and abusing police in America.

If this was restricted and we could only see what MSM offers then we would have no idea that ever happened.
Yes, white men causing trouble at demonstrations. Removed
15/12/2020 17:49:30 1 4
Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me.
A homemade firearm in the hands of a mentally ill man radicalised on social media by far right extremists will be used to murder a democratically elected socialist mp but hate speech should never be punished. Removed
15/12/2020 17:52:24 4 7
And the right wingers as well, particularly those who "hate" BLM.
15/12/2020 19:15:33 6 2
I'm not too sure about this. Who regulates the regulators? I remember there was a video on YouTube about the Koran being 'Hate Speech'. The video was then removed as being 'Hate Speech'. Everyone has their own opinion about topics but the problem is, what is hate speech for the EU may not be for others.
In the meantime it is revealed that while everyone else was suffering job losses and pay cute, Boris gave Cummings a £45000 pay rise at our expense. Taking back control eh. Removed
15/12/2020 19:42:53 0 4
Yeah - taking control of our money through the back door
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15/12/2020 19:50:13 1 1
Taking my back control of the distribution of wealth because the elite are hard done by. One day when they have run out of others to blame the Uk population will pull its head out the sand and realise the biggest problems in the UK are of our own design.
15/12/2020 19:31:43 12 2
Whilst I agree with some of these moves we need to be careful this doesn’t continue to erode freedom of speech, which is at an all time low with every platform being so censored now.
"EU reveals plan to regulate Big Tech"

ABOUT TIME these parasites were brought to heel and pay their taxes PROPERLY,

like the majority of the rest of us.
15/12/2020 19:56:58 1 1
Correct, they have destroyed the High Streets, by paying zero taxes, and contributing zero to society.

Taxes should retro active 5 years minimum.
There’s still lots of Remainer moaning and sobbing on every HYS...someone needs to remind them to upgrade to Project Fear 3.0 (Mutant COVID) like everyone else? Removed
I am a bleeding idiot who knows nothing about IT, but even I can appreciate the EU are doing the exact opposite - talking like a maniac whilst trying to weaponise hot air.
Bizarre rambling vacuous rant .....Brexity in fact.
Indeed. Should have put a full stop after idiot. Removed