Low-paid workers face pandemic 'double whammy'
15/12/2020 | news | business | 188
The Commission on Workers and Technology says the pandemic has accelerated the automation of low paid work.
Time for a counter-revolution, out with the LibLabCons or to paraphrase Henry II, "Will no one rid us of these troublesome parties?" A new Party is needed, small 'c' conservative and not afraid to accept English Nationalism as equally as valid as Welsh, Irish, Scots and any other European Nationalism. Removed
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aka fascism
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Many governments around the world faced the same as ours yet did much, much better.

Sadly, people defend our govt's poor reaction with deflection, arguing "yeah, well they did better than *insert country*" which makes as much sense as "my house is on fire but my neighbour's is more on fire so I'm fine".

Our govt has unnecessarily let down far too many people and must be held to account.
and so many did much much worse, try Wales & Scotland for starters. SAGE & Ferguson & Imperial need kicking up the a*** too. We have a global elite, all of whom, oddly enough, can 'bubble' together next year in Singapore, rather than Davos - covid only attacks us plebs it seems, got to keep us all locked-down. Removed
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"A degree does not equate to intelligence merely an ability to regurgitate words." - When I did my degree the emphesis was on understanding and logical argument, which are linked to intelegence. Maybe you went to a lesser university, maybe you are misinformed, maybe you just desperatly want to believe you are my equal. Maybe, just maybe, you are wrong.