Covid: Trials to test combination of Oxford and Sputnik vaccines
11/12/2020 | news | health | 495
The aim is to see whether mixing two vaccines could improve protection against Covid-19.
11/12/2020 12:13:19 47 1
The efficacy and safety of any mix and match of released vaccines will be established in new trials. Despite our differences, it is a good thing to see political opponents collaborate in this way, just as we have done previously on the space station.
11/12/2020 12:03:35 125 9
Dead right......politics and history ( re the revolution and overthrow of their Royal Family) has held back cooperation between Russia and the West for too long. Without them we might all be speaking a different language now. Let’s work with them and put politics and profit to one side.
Are you forgetting the Salisbury murder? They won't hand over the culprits for trial -such nice people. Removed
I think we may have some russian moderators today Removed
11/12/2020 12:18:41 33 5
We forget many of the German concentration camps were liberated by Russians.
11/12/2020 16:49:28 3 4
Given the Russian scientist must have be complicit in the 2018 Novichok assignation in Salisbury we cannot trust them Trust must be earn't in small steps. I hope GCHQ are tracking all the pro Russian comments on this page!
In Septemeber 2019 concidentally Bill GAtes invested in BioNtech , Bill also has shares in Moderna and more... This guy was talking about depopulation.... Watch it quick before Youtube pull it down .. Youtube are face book and face book are google .. get my jist ! Removed
Brexit .. now youtube are censoring everyone ... Total freedom always nurture total tyranny Removed
Democrats in power in the USA, EU out to humiliate the UK. Very welcome friends, intelligence, trade and defence cooperation - perfect. Removed
11/12/2020 14:31:14 6 6
So you believe everything the BBC writes? If so, you’re not particularly bright.

They have their own left wing agenda. Promoting BAME: Transgender: BLM and other trendy stuff.
Just as you have your own Russian Lies Today agenda. How’s Putin’s bombing of schools and hospitals in Idlib going? Removed
11/12/2020 20:50:20 1 2
Don’t be a total doughnut chum.

The Reds are hacking into and distorting everything they can. Facebook, social media the lot.

That clown Putin and his boys say Russia has no gays?

And there he is, pictured with his shirt off in the wild outdoors pretending to be a ‘real’ man.

He looks more camp than a Dorset field full of tents.
11/12/2020 20:30:57 3 2
Putin is the cowardly killer who poisoned Salisbury and now he wants our help with his vaccine which has never been fully tested.
That’s why opinion polls show Russians prefer Western vaccines.
No, the Putin regime is our enemy and we should treat it as such.
We have other vaccines which will do the job.
Let’s see Putin inoculated with his Novichok V vaccine.
Don’t hold your breath.
11/12/2020 17:08:51 4 5
They having a laugh with this?
Russia? Thats got to be the last place i,d trust.