Covid: NHS long waits 100 times higher than before
10/12/2020 | news | health | 773
Nearly 163,000 people had been waiting over a year at the end of October, compared with 1,600 in February.
the west really needs to come down hard on the communist regime that took over the mainland chines since 1949 made this pandemic worse than need be thru their hatred of free speech and free press

this is what corrupt totalitatrian socialist regimes turn into

the chinese live in fear - u talk to them when u travel thru Hong Kong - they won't say a word about it - too scared
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Weird you say that with the goverment threatening to defund the BBC if they criticise them too much, even if it's true....
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the 3 'C,s'
Communism and capitalism could both be viable - except for the 3 rd 'C' Corruption.
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Your information on Chinese history is an interesting slant.....
Rename it the NCS, National Con Service, because thats all it is now. We pay, they do nothing but pretend covid is a danger and do tiktok dances Removed
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My 90 year old father-in-law keeps requiring the doctor. Can we get them to come out to see him?

Not a chance

The last time they simply sent him a prescription for antibiotics. A day or so later he'd deteriorated to the point he was talking to his wife (who had died 15 years ago).

A day in the hospital before being booted out (because of Corona beds - but no test) back home...

Covid is a lie, start treating people with more life threatening problems. Covid is a cover up Removed
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A true cult member....
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Go back to your bedroom and switch on your play station. This topic is for grown ups.
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Taiwan didn't shutdown over covid.
Just 7 covid deaths, just 2% gdp fall.
UKgov 60,000 dead, 12% gdp fall.

I was in Taiwan Feb to June 2020. Everything was open high street, mcds, cinemas, bars, events, hospitals.

Surely bbc has reporters in SE Asia? Where are their reports and pictures? Censored?

S Korea, Japan, ozz, nz.. All coped far better than UK on covid.. Less deaths, less gdp fall.
Just as social media is actively censoring, and deleting anything that questions the government line, the same is true of main stream media. BBC, ITV, C4, C5, Sky, newspapers, have all received huge amounts of money from government to screen/print covid related propaganda. We only get to hear what they want us to hear, unless you look to independent, alternative sources. Removed
Nice to see people bashing the NHS. Its what the Tories want. One step closer to privatisation. Removed
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True, but when you are suffering with bad health and you can't get an appointment for weeks and the hoops you have to jump through to get something sooner or your operation is continually delayed and you have to spend even more months in pain then what do you expect? People will moan, and not without reason.
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As well covid hit UK month(s) after it hit SE Asia.
Ukgov had months to watch, learn, copy, improve on SE Asia response.
Also SARs, Mers etc data and actions were available as models.
Ukgov 60,000 dead, 12% gdp fall.
Taiwan just 7 dead, 2% gdp fall.
Look at Japan, S Korea, ozz, nz.
UK will also have long covid afflicted to deal with.. I think another 60,000. Bbc seems not to report
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I have had several letters from the hospital this year. They all say the same thing. On a specific day the consultant may contact you for a phone consultation. If he doesn't ring you will receive a letter. He never rings and a letter never arrives. No doubt the NHS data will show that I've missed my appointments.