Tesco and Morrisons defy call to shut on Boxing Day
10/12/2020 | news | business | 2,094
The supermarkets will open but Asda gives staff the day off for working during the pandemic.
Who wants to go shopping on Boxing Day? FFS still sleeping off the excesses of Christmas Day. Removed
10/12/2020 11:36:25 24 3
HYS BBC moderators are a bunch of jeremy hunts Removed
I work nights for Morrisons, we are told that cover must be provided at our store on Christmas, Boxing and New Years eve night. Removed
10/12/2020 10:32:57 23 1
I worked for MFI many years ago and Christmas was always spoiled because, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't avoid the adverts shouting - MFI SALE STARTS BOXING DAY! If all shops are closed on Boxing Day none of them will lose out.
HYS Moderators are hunts Removed
10/12/2020 14:55:47 1 3
Would you rather if there had been no shops open during lockdown, you were probably at the front of the line getting your toilet rolls,
Toilet rolls really? Moron. They all kept saying don't panic then posted pictures of empty shelves to panic people in to buying toilet rolls - maximising ther profits Removed
10/12/2020 15:18:53 2 3
They aren't heroes, they are employees who are getting compensated and will do for working on boxing day if they are working it. They aren't working 7 days a week 12 hours a day, most will have at least 2 days a week off if full time. and if part time more. and its a bit much to expect any business to not open and forfeit the potential profits out of some peer pressured notion of chivalry.
What bubble do you live in? Do you actually believe what you write or does your bum type it out? Removed
F### these stores. We all stock up for more than one day on Christmas Eve. Give the staff a break. Removed
10/12/2020 18:52:16 2 1
Its terrible that these shops are closing at all. Last year I couldn't get my daily Star on Christmas Day and the Post Office was closed. Naturally I wasn't at work, but i think everyone else should be.
Got your hormone early have you Removed