Brexit: 'Large gaps' remain after trade talks with Ursula von der Leyen
10/12/2020 | news | politics | 11,332
Sunday becomes the new deadline for a decision on trade talks, after the PM and EU chief meet in Brussels.
09/12/2020 23:04:56 10 5
What was that? Was that the sound of more people in Scotland joining the SNP?

Wonderful. We have to get our new Independent country up to speed and in alignment with EU rules and expectations quick, before this economic suicidal Brexit has destroyed our economy, or what little will be left of it with months now of EU import duty at 25% and more on many Scottish exports of food & drink. Sad.
09/12/2020 23:07:44 1 0
Anybody that believed the English were being charitable does not know their history....they are about to discover it...although I anticipate they will remain in denial.
09/12/2020 23:41:18 0 0
We're quite happy for you too
09/12/2020 23:11:24 3 4
The UK is a political Union, that is why this vote-leave led government can call Scottish, Irish & Welsh votes 'British' anytime they wish!

Scotland will promote itself to membership of a non-political union where our vote will always remain Scottish & our VETO on big ticket items like Brexit can never refused by the English parliament of Westminster. 'We' in 'our country' will now "jog on".
09/12/2020 23:13:43 0 0
09/12/2020 23:14:40 0 0
Look forward to Scotland having the Sturgeon£ and seeing how it trades against the British£! A currency question the First Minister continually evades, just like the questions in Holyrood. Might still see her resignation soon!
09/12/2020 23:15:56 0 0
You mean bankrupt country with failing education standards. Where was scotland in the latest TIMMS education ranking???
09/12/2020 23:19:12 0 0
I would have more respect for the SNP if their MP’s refused to take up their seats in Parliament like some others don’t.

But happy to hoover up English taxpayer funds to pay their salaries/expenses.

Probably because they are unemployable in the real world!
09/12/2020 23:27:14 0 0
lol. Enjoy being a EU slave. Goodbye
09/12/2020 23:16:10 8 10
Let's just get this clear. The EU were not asking too much. They were simply asking that the UK honour the EU membership agreement which was signed more than once by UK Prime ministers over the decades.

England's word can not be trusted around the World and you have chosen a No-Deal Brexit over the voluntary political union called Great Britain. Best save up for your Scottish fishing licence.
09/12/2020 23:21:43 1 0
Ridiculous the EU are asking the UK to become a vassal state, that is not what the majority voted for in the 2016 referendum!
09/12/2020 23:24:18 0 0
Tell you what Tom. Dig out the 2014 Scottish Independence Report that was produced by the SNP I think. Region of 700 pages or so of statements of intent.
Tell me how an independent Scotland would have fared against each and everyone of these?

Even the IMF would classify you as a basket case!
09/12/2020 23:25:42 0 0
We left in January, no agreements to honour
09/12/2020 23:18:33 0 0
Why would the UK honour something they are no longer members of ?
09/12/2020 23:23:46 0 0
Is that the best you’ve got Tom? Really?
10/12/2020 08:16:46 6 8
Brexit and a no-deal? English exceptionalism, superiority and nationalism has cost you the voluntary political union with Scotland called Great Britain. Now the true cost of any Brexit will become clear. As will the real reason for it. Offshore tax avoidance by the ultra right Billionaires. Scotland has no sovereignty to lose until we break free from the reserved powers of devolution!
10/12/2020 08:30:34 0 0
You are not Scotland. The Scots are clever people and when the time comes they will surely vote for independence as a glorious and thoughtfully noble endeavour. The EU, English hating, the FM having a tantrum and people gobbling off on HYS are not that noble really. Even English Nationalism is better than that.
10/12/2020 08:20:59 11 6
Scotland never wanted or voted for any Brexit. You called our Scottish votes 'British' after a voluntary political union Scotland will now dissolve. This is a very English Brexit so own it England and stop pretending it is somehow a UK or British Brexit for clearly it is NOT. 'We' will join a union who will never refuse to grant Scotland a VETO again.
10/12/2020 08:22:47 4 0
Good for you!
10/12/2020 08:25:12 0 0
EU Referendum devolved to the British People, one person, one vote. Scotland voted in 2014 to stay in the UK and to remain British.

In Indy1 2014, a few local areas voted to stay in the UK. So by your flawed reasoning, they will be dragged out against their will!

As per usual, SNP conflating arguments, without merit, to suit their cause.
10/12/2020 08:25:56 0 0
Less than 6 million people in Scotland.

Just saying, that's all.
10/12/2020 08:27:05 0 0
The UK was a member of the EU. The UK voted to leave the EU. You should not ignore facts.
10/12/2020 08:27:57 0 0
One million Scots voted for Brexit, 300K in NI - majority for Brexit 1.1 million. It was the Scots that won it.
10/12/2020 08:23:44 0 0
I second that opinion!!
10/12/2020 08:30:25 0 1
Still waiting for your review of the 2014 Scotland Independent report, with all its oil wealth promised. Position now!

And imagine Scotland, with the Sturgeon £, having to cope with Covid19 now, no access to BofE or HMT for furlough scheme/business support.

It would be bankrupt. Hence why the First Minister cannot answer straight forward simple economic questions; nor you by that matter!
10/12/2020 08:31:21 0 1
Good luck with Indy2,3+, good luck with re-joining EU and any subsequent non Scottish exit etc. Basically I wish you well until you get your own way, then good sodding riddance. Democracy my ar$e.
10/12/2020 08:32:24 0 0
True to a point. But the Scots residing South of the border seem more in favour of Brexit than anyone - see Gove , Lamont , Duncan Smith etc. for example.
10/12/2020 09:29:58 18 6
Don't kid us on this is a British or UK Brexit. It is run by the vote-leave English parliament of Westminster where English MPs outnumber the rest by 10 to 1.

You signed up for EU membership at least 3 times since the 70s and you agreed to the terms and conditions in writing then, which now you say are not fair for access to the common market. You do not play 'fair' in ANY Union, England!
10/12/2020 09:36:40 0 3
You don't become no 1 in the world by playing fair you have to play smart.