'Dubai a fitting finale for 2020 season'
07/12/2020 | sport | golf | 97
The European Tour deserves huge praise for crafting a season out of the ruins of 2020's coronavirus-dominated year, writes Iain Carter.
07/12/2020 17:12:27 38 3
Shame on you BBC for having no HYS on the passing of the great Peter Alliss, and he was a BBC employee !!!

I know this is off topic but RIP Peter you were one of a kind and we will not see your like again.
07/12/2020 18:34:00 2 1
someone with a beard will win it.they usually do
Including women Removed
great for golf
How come no hys on athletics ever
07/12/2020 22:27:50 4 0
Because athletics is corrupt and drug-fuelled, has no credibility, and people only watch it once every four years
07/12/2020 17:11:28 28 1
Off topic but although I've only a passing interest in golf I always admired Peter Alliss - he had a very dry wit and was mischievous in a very polite and engaging way. A style that is rarely encountered these days and something I suspect many people will miss.
a) Allis was a fine commentator in his day, but his day passed about 20 years ago.

b) Considering BBC show no golf I don't think the loss will be significant from a broadcasting perspective.

Getting back on topic, I really don't see how this is done sort of achievement. The quality of field has been laughable every week since the restart and this must be the worst final line up ever.
I'am a bit out of touch nowadays with all these so called modern sayings, forgive me but does LGBT stand for a gardening term Lets Grow Big Tomatoes, or am I missing something new? I saw item on BBC Pea Pod Cast. Removed
Sad about Allis he was very relaxing to listen to

Time HYS opened up more comments sections on athletics with so much controversy going on
Sad about Peter Allis, made i interesting for non golfers
How about hys on athletics for a change