Beer and crisps used to help tackle climate change
07/12/2020 | news | science | 348
Crisps firm Walkers will make fertiliser by mixing potato waste with CO2 from beer fermentation.
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Sorry, but there's nothing in the post I replied to which isn't made up nonsense. Still waiting for you to disclose your supposed academic discipline.
Wow, so you are in denial about pal-review.

Says more about you than it does about me.

Just because Bruce Webb decided to boast to everyone his "expertise" took all of 5 minutes to put name to ego. Lets just say Im not as stupid as Bruce is with my personal information.
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No, it confirms my view on the post I replied to & do you seriously believe anyone is interested in finding out who is posting on a BBC HYS just because they disclose their academic discipline(s)?
Let's see... Did you find out anything relevant about my idendity?