Trump sets up UK final against Robertson
05/12/2020 | sport | snooker | 103
World number one Judd Trump cruises past China's Lu Ning 6-2 to set up a mouth-watering UK Championship final against Australia's Neil Robertson.
05/12/2020 18:21:13 20 3
I see we have the usual sprinkling of tiresome non-snooker-fans in. The "My favourite isn't in it any more so I'm not watching" fanboys.

Personally, I have a few favourite players, but above all I enjoy watching the game - whoever is playing, and however bloody miserable they look.

Trump v Robertson should be a gripping final unless one of them has an off-day.
05/12/2020 22:12:24 1 0
Here’s hoping ??
06/12/2020 10:31:13 0 0
I also enjoy watching any the game no matter who is playing..with only one exception - selby. Never has a more boring, player lifted a cue.