Trump sets up UK final against Robertson
05/12/2020 | sport | snooker | 103
World number one Judd Trump cruises past China's Lu Ning 6-2 to set up a mouth-watering UK Championship final against Australia's Neil Robertson.
05/12/2020 23:54:35 1 9
Why is there the constant need by commentators to say Judd Trump is world
number 1. He is most definitely not world champion Ronnie O'Sullivan is. To me the icing on the cake would be if the much more modest and grounded Neil Robertson won.
06/12/2020 00:16:42 7 0
Ronnie at his best was superb. Sadly he is now well past his best and some way behind Judd.
06/12/2020 08:58:52 0 1
Yet another who hasn't a clue how the rankings are worked out. Maybe before posting you could have taken a few minutes to find that out, just think you wouldn't have made such a dumb comment