Trump sets up UK final against Robertson
05/12/2020 | sport | snooker | 103
World number one Judd Trump cruises past China's Lu Ning 6-2 to set up a mouth-watering UK Championship final against Australia's Neil Robertson.
06/12/2020 07:31:31 0 0
From 1927-1934 Joe Davis won the World title 8 years on the trot without making a Century break !
06/12/2020 08:50:41 6 0
And in those years he only had to win 1 match to retain the title. Snooker was a very different game back then. It's like comparing a 1934 Grand Prix care to modern cars 2 totally different things
06/12/2020 06:23:38 6 1
Both class player's but I dunno.. being an Englishman I would actually back Robertson's corner as I think he's just a really down to earth and likable character who I can relate to more. He'll go home after and play on his computer with his kids regardless if he win's or loses where as Trump will be dragging his poor old brother to practice telling him to fetch his balls out the pocket.
06/12/2020 08:52:36 1 3
Also, it'd be his brother dragging him to practice...really seems besides your poor grammar you don't know much about Trump either
06/12/2020 00:29:44 3 7
This tourney, like all bar the Crucible is still a joke. Triple Crown, my eye! Best of eleven with a best of nineteen final is a joke. The best players are barely warming up by then.

The Masters is even more ludicrous. An invitational? Best of eleven until a best of nineteen final? We play that down the Legion.
06/12/2020 08:56:49 1 1
I doubt you'd pot a single ball against ball against a pro, unless they set one up for you. The gulf between amateur & even the lower-ranked pro players is staggering
05/12/2020 23:54:35 1 9
Why is there the constant need by commentators to say Judd Trump is world
number 1. He is most definitely not world champion Ronnie O'Sullivan is. To me the icing on the cake would be if the much more modest and grounded Neil Robertson won.
06/12/2020 08:58:52 0 1
Yet another who hasn't a clue how the rankings are worked out. Maybe before posting you could have taken a few minutes to find that out, just think you wouldn't have made such a dumb comment