Covid-19 vaccine: First jabs 'could cut 99% of deaths' - Jonathan Van-Tam
03/12/2020 | news | health | 1,540
It is key to deploy the vaccine "as fast" as possible, England's deputy chief medical officer says.
You will only feel a little prick if you get vaccinated. If you don't you will be a massive one. Removed
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What's your excuse then ?
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are you sure about this.
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If I can't stop wearing a mask and still need to distance I'm not having the jab end of
Great. With a bit of luck you'll catch it and die. Good riddance. Removed
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Boris Johnson said that the vaccine was the cavalry coming over the hill.

He was nearly right. It is the enemy's cavalry coming over the hill!

Do not have this diabolic vaccine.

Rebel now.
Rebel by dying.

"Suicide Squad .... attack!"
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Are you being asked to mine coal with your teeth or are you being asked to be socially cautious and wear a mask in a shop for a few months?

Aren't the people who melt with indignation as they complain about the fiendish inconvenience of a few months of hygiene the same people who normally call others snowflakes?

Vaccines are coming. Take it. Be careful. Then we will gradually get our lives back
There's no vaccine for stupid. The sheep keep bleating on ebven although we are being told no back to normal after vaccination.... The new normal is here... Hate to tell you Poldarks but you aint getting your life back unless you take it back! Removed
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Yes, and it's totally irrelevant to a story about a vaccine.

And also it's a safe drug for most people and is still in use.
Going to be hilarious when all you pro covid vaxx nutjobs finally realise your being duped after everyone is jabbed and we are still living under orwellian restrictions. You lot don't read facts you watch the MSM propoganda and spout it ad infinitum while demonising any debate or critical thinking that questions your narrow view. Removed
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Lunatic Alert.
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We being used as guinea pigs? Elderly and carers first? I remember back in the day when drugs rushed through , and few years later the side effects that became a killer.

I work in Care, but i have misgivings to getting vaccinated, problem is i old enough to remember the misfortunes of other drugs given , Thalidomide and Primodos scandal.
How safe is the drug?
The drug is not supposed to be safe.

It is one of the three ways that the Globalists hope to achieve their Great Reset ie by reducing the World's population by 5 billion
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Your ridiculous comment makes no sense as reducing the world's population and economic capacity would hardly be of financial benefit to your fictitious 'globalist conspirators'
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You talk garbage
If you believe this you will believe anything! The big propaganda push is on to get people to take this poison Removed
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would you take the Dunning-Kruger vaccine? I think this one has been well proven.
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My father is in a care home. My mother is a healthy over-80 year old. They will be among the first people to get this vaccine. I know there is a risk but to allow my parents to hug for the first time in months will be worth it.
Pathetic Removed
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We know you are.
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The NHS runs a fleet of patient transport minibuses, many fitted for wheelchair access. These could be used to transport say 10 care home residents at a time to the central vaccination point.
The supercilious BBC commenter faithful are the most intolerant, snobbish lot. So quick to use 'ad hominem' attacks, the real bullies in this country.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however uneducated.
This very moderate virus has been used as a politcal tool for many months now, if you can't see that, YOU'RE the idiot. Now go and take your precious vaccine.
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Thank you for that comment - laudable inspirational
And fake Removed
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Very fake!! Hahaha
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so you do not think that is possible for an 83 year old to run a marathon? says more about you. Are you 15 by any chance?
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Quite funny reading some of the comments criticising politician's and scientists for having shares in big pharma. Most people in occupational pension schemes are funded by the returns of shares in big pharma. It's where such schemes invest to get the returns to pay your pension. If you have life insurance, the insurer will also invest there. Most of us have a stake in big pharma.
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Put it this way... anyone who reads The Daily Mail isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer and anything the Daily Mail has to say is best ignored...

The day you start letting anything in the Daily Mail influence your thought process or what you believe, say or do is the day hopefully a sane relatives seeks you the psychiatric help you'd be needing...
The Daily Mail is for retarded people. Removed
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And you're morally and mentally superior are you? Words like 'retarded' will get you cancelled from your elite club.

Let me guess, you're progressive and better than the rest of the plebs? I read the Daily Mail as part of a wide selection of new sources. My parents do. Your statement is small minded and ridiculously broad.
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Yes everyone must stay at home forever we must control this evil thing in life called death! Stay alert, Save Our NHS and together we will defeat death.
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I think JVT has been spending too much time with bojo
He has started to sound like a clown with his penalty shootout rubbish etc
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I believe it is about the virus & that you've clearly been drinking too much Gin.
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1 in 34 people who live in Stoke on Trent have tested positive for Covid-19 since the schools went back. Mask compliance has been very high. Trust me, I'm often the only person in the supermarket not wearing a mask. Masks don't work.
If I caught you in my supermarket, you'd need a gum-shield, not a mask. Removed
I'm medically exempt you Nazi. Removed
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Perhaps Bill Gates should be the first to get it?
He should he owns the Coronavirus copyright Removed
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ever heard of thalidomide ?
Thalidomide was a sedative you ignorant wonker. Removed
If I caught you in my supermarket, you'd need a gum-shield, not a mask. Removed
I'm medically exempt you Nazi. Removed
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Russell (14:09)

There are substantial flaws in your argument. "Given that most people wear masks" - no they don't , not where it would make a difference. "Masks only work for 20 minutes ask any competent medic" wrong! The protocol for changing masks is change of room or change of patient. It is not based on time in Theatres (could be worn for 8 hours) or on Wards. Your ignorance is not helpful
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If it's as safe as they say then why isn't it going to be given to women who are pregnant? Cue the medical experts. I'm no7 on the list of groups of people who are getting it. Quite happy to wait and see.
I'm in same group 8, but won't be having it as community immunity as been reached so no need for it Removed
idiot. Removed
I'm in same group 8, but won't be having it as community immunity as been reached so no need for it Removed
idiot. Removed
End the pension triple lock to help pay for the lockdowns Removed
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Never going to happen.
Boomers are by far the largest population group of voting age - until the next batch of youngsters mature.

Politically it makes much more sense to keep them comfortable and safe at the expense of all others.
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So ask yourself the obvious question "Why didn't they make the vaccine in smaller cases, so that care homes could use them?"

Everyone knew that care homes were the main area of concern. But they still created cases of 975 vaccines that can't be separated!

Quite pathetic.
Grow up FFS Removed
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What really worries me is this potentially deadly Covid-19 virus is a Coronavirus. That means there is a chance of it mutating into something even more deadly. And this virus has jumped species. Denmark would not have wiped out a multi billion Euro industry just because a few mink got the sniffles. They were obviously worried. This virus must be made to go extinct or we could all have problems.
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Compare this graph

To the graph shown for the years 2017 & 18 from here:

Then ask, was there ever a second wave and do we really need a vaccine ? You will note the rise and fall is roughly the same as previous years.

The pandemic ended in May as you can see from
Semantic drivel. Removed
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You still furloughed ?
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The government have refused to say which companies have been awarded multimillion-pound Covid-19 contracts after being processed in a high-priority channel for firms with political connections........
Liar. Removed