Brexit: It's nearly now or never for UK-EU trade deal
03/12/2020 | news | politics | 1,995
As pizza-fuelled talks continue into the night, there appears to be stuff worth chewing over.
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Never never never no deal we want WTO, no surrender to the EU
Nobody believes your tired old garbage any more Removed
02/12/2020 22:30:23 7 9
Nobody doesn't matter, he's just a remoaner.
02/12/2020 22:33:47 17 30
Personally, as a remainer I'm looking forward to a no deal, when we crash and burn it will hasten the referendum to rejoin.
Well you’re a bit of a tw aat then aren’t you. How can you not want your own country to succeed? You’re a dis grace. Removed
02/12/2020 23:14:23 2 3
Kids and grandkids already moved overseas years ago. Me too old to care. Just hope it’s a real stinker, so the younger generation treat all leavers with the disdain they deserve. Even better if it’s their own grandparents...

Keeping the grudge alive !
Sounds like Boris very soon will be delivering a vaccine, Brexit and a trade deal with the EU.

What a lot of fluff is the commentary around all this.
Sounds like Boris is playing with you, or you with yourself Removed
02/12/2020 22:57:56 25 13
If the EU give us a good deal the EU project is finished.
Mensa reject? Removed
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Are you?
02/12/2020 23:26:09 1 0
still sneery
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Mensa reject? That's a compliment: Be lucky to be accepted for play-school.
Why is the BBC not mentioning Donald Trump’s historic speech this evening?
The most significant speech a US president has made in decades and the BBC are trying to pretend it’s not happening?
02/12/2020 23:11:15 3 3
He’s barely president and no one cares what he has to say. He’s history. It’s like asking Johnson or Corbyn next year for their views...history
02/12/2020 23:11:57 0 1
Why would anyone want to anything about a Lame Duck
02/12/2020 23:15:06 0 1
Have you seen it? It's total bunkum. Utter rubbish. He's still in denial and can't move on. Very much still a psychological child.
There's only certain output from Trump that the BBC like to promote. Stuff like peace deals in the Middle East just gets ignored largely.
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What? You mean he's pardoned Satan?
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Totally useless deflection post that’s completely irrelevant to the subject. You must be proud you failed the education system.
UK government purchased the Pfizer vaccine back in the summer. US too. And Japan.

Apparently the EU were sleeping or something. They're not accountable in the usual democratic way. They left it until November when the clinical trial data came out.
Wrong yet again. The vaccine did not exist in the Summer. What a twit you are. Removed
02/12/2020 22:27:29 236 90
One member state source told me that it feels like "doing a pre-nup agreement", adding: "We want a long and stable marriage, but Boris Johnson is trying to get enough freedom to cheat."

Well it’s his character I guess. That’s a brilliant quote by the way too
The EU wants us to wear a chastity belt

And yes we are the female in the relationship because we have been taking it for 40 years.
03/12/2020 08:34:24 11 5
Ha, ha, ha, what an old-fashioned view you have, both of s€x and politics. Crawl back into your missionary position...
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Significant benefit of leaving the EU. Vaccine approved for use against Covid. EU decided all countries would act together to avoid one country getting in first. So no EU countries will be able to receive the vaccine until January presuming the vaccine actually receives EU approval before then.
A HYS on Tax-Dodging and Cambridge Analytica please BBC.
Perhaps the 'legality' of this 'pm's tenure.
03/12/2020 09:43:10 2 0
Cambridge Analytica is so 2016
Tax dodging? Meet the Tory Party. You think that's going to change.
As for 'legality' of PM's tenure, like it or not we are stuck with the numpty. Our biggests democratic deficit, UK's archaic electoral system. However, I take a modicum of hope from the glint in eyes of 1922 Committee.
Hope they educated the pizza delivery guy how he should be wearing his mask. After all this time it never fails to annoy me how many wear them under their noses.FFS Removed
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Agreed. Although to be fair, if he's outside, he doesn't need to wear one at all, so maybe he pulls it up when he goes into a building.
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Little things eh ... not petty at all
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Let's see what lies Hancock tells today. The BBC should ask him about the trade deal negotiations, and then at least we'd know what wasn't going to happen. ??
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The fishermen were badly let down when the UK joined the EEC and our fishing grounds were decimated.
Cod so large it was sold in slices, herring shoals were drift netted every year, now, no big cod, and very few herring or BRITISH fishing boats.
British waters for British fishermen please and let the fishing ports prosper again'

0.12% GDP bright boy.

Get an adult to explain that for you.
Trump is not the leader or founder of alt-right racist populist trash movements and networks he was drawn into it and used it as a platform just like Johnson was after white backlash against Obama in 2008. Incumbent Tories & rightwing media are showing racism in spin & propaganda against blacks such as BLM movement, HO deportations & stop & search. Brexit was just another racist nationalist trope Removed
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Strangely, Corbyn - you know, the guy who was found to really be a racist and was expelled from Labour - referred to the EU as a 'Capitalist plot'. Admittedly, he wasn't very bright.
Are brexiters seriously saying that we got the vaccine first because we left the EU a year ago?
Even Boris would not stretch to that.

Gove might but he is Schittmeister General as we all know : left, right, remain, or leave, we all know that.
03/12/2020 11:06:14 3 6
Abuse, insults & childish name-calling?
03/12/2020 11:15:23 3 0
Some Brexiteers are. The stupid ones. The ones, who think member states aren't sovereign. There is an EU authorisation process for vaccines. However, as MHRA chief pointed out, UK authorisation aligns with EU law i.e. member states can give an emergency license, if they choose to... just like the UK has. Could almost say that UK approval is a result of EU law i.e. very much NOT down to Brexit.
03/12/2020 11:03:50 4 8
Firstly I would like to commend the EBC for its incredible bravery on having this HYS!

I know this must have been very difficult for you.

There are only 2 deals on offer - No Deal or Evil Tory Humiliation Deal.

My money is on Evil Tory Humiliation Deal... and I think this was known some time ago.

Why do you think Demonic jumped ship?
?????? Removed
03/12/2020 11:17:07 7 3
“Where's our doughty defender 'Captain Mainwaring' Mark Francois when we need him”
"I think he’s been dispatched to go and find Donald Tusk who seems to have got lost whilst looking for that “Special place in Hell”.

Perhaps he has been suspended from the HoC for dipping his "Wickford" where he should not have, allegedly.
Last thing I heard, the idiot was trying to set up a group called 'Short Lives Matter'. Talk about utterly tone deaf. Removed
Why does the BBC still employ these sham journalist may as well give the job to Dominic Cummings - he'd be more impartial than von KuenSSberk. Removed
"Four independent nations (Three if Ireland reunites)".

Why would Eire want to rejoin the UK it took them long enough to get rid of the murdering so and so's.
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you talk garbage dragonette, some just garbage , but at other times exceptional garbage
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Interesting point but one would assume a United Ireland is what the title suggests... North and south joining hands in harmonious cohabitation.
03/12/2020 12:53:04 0 0
Spoken like a true patriot of ????? Not Great Britain
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That could only happen if the Republic decided to leave the EU.

Eire stuttered and she needed two referenda on the Treaty of Lisbon. If it comes to ceding Irish sovereignty to Brussels in exchange for a form of “federally devolved sovereignty”, then they would need a further referendum for it to pass. Yes, it would be non-binding under updated 2015 EU law, but leave could well gain most votes.
03/12/2020 12:24:13 10 3
You can just imagine what sort of Christmas the families of these Remoaners are in for lol
03/12/2020 12:41:00 5 4
they should adjourn to spoons for breakfast with 3 pints and get the views of the of the experts !
03/12/2020 12:26:03 8 8
getting excited for the 1st? the comedy gold of seeing chaos at ports lavvys all over kent and peeps moaning about all the things they can't find on the shelves Happy New ~Year to all brexiteers you have destroyed the country hope it brings all you voted for
03/12/2020 12:39:55 2 3
Someone (nope, I think) posted earlier that Tesco was ready for Brexit. Given the headline just announced on Sky News, seems that statement was a little premature.
Grow up you MORON
Its over you muppet get a life!!!
02/12/2020 23:41:42 168 102
To paraphrase Michael Bloomberg "Brexit is the single stupidest thing any country has done bar electing Trump". Sadly the poorest will get hit square in the wallet by this unfathomable idiocy, coming hard on the heels of Covid. It has divided us against ourselves as a nation and fanned the flames of separatism which the United Kingdom may not survive. For what? So rich people can avoid tax.
03/12/2020 02:08:32 55 12
Live export of animals banned thanks to Brexit.