Bonmarché collapses into administration
02/12/2020 | news | business | 535
More than 1,500 jobs are at risk following the collapse of the women's fashion chain.
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02/12/2020 13:25:10 31 2
Its a shame it was the one place you could guarantee to get a decent warm dressing gown in a decent size not one of these teeny things that barely covers your bum that the rest of the shops have.
Personally, I’d rather see my wife in one of those teeny things that barely covers her bum.... Removed
Honestly, I dont visit menswear shops because the clothes are all that weird twee sailor stripe tshirts and pink pastel shorts nonsense that probably look fine if you're a neckbeard Hipster with an eating disorder. Someone put together a menswear shop selling clothes that I might actually wear and I'll start going. And stop making the mens section a small grotty cupboard on the top floor. Removed
02/12/2020 14:38:31 31 1
Sadly true, 57 and rarely venture into clothes shops, so little relevant to me
02/12/2020 14:41:09 3 2
Is Foster Brothers still going?
02/12/2020 15:12:31 1 2
Not sure where you are shopping.
02/12/2020 15:37:01 4 1
Amen to your comment.
Come on people, buy well made cotton, wool, silk, bamboo clothing and leather shoes that LAST.
Stop polluting the planet with plastic fleece, acrylic, oil based fibres making so called trainers.
02/12/2020 15:57:26 1 6
It feels like the world has moved on and left you behind. The shops that cater for you have gone out of business because there aren’t enough people like you buying those items.
02/12/2020 16:04:48 1 0
Depending on your price point, try Zara, Arket, H&M, Mango, Reiss, TK Maxx, Massimo Dutti, John Lewis. There are hundreds out there.
02/12/2020 16:04:51 0 2
Why would I open a clothes shop catering for people who declare they can get by just fine without buying clothes? You'd shop rarely and buy in small volumes at low margins.
02/12/2020 16:47:59 1 0
Best comment of the day, If you want normal clothes of decent quality I recommend Sainsbury's but all the supermarkets are good. This says everything you need to know about clothes shops.
02/12/2020 17:29:01 1 0
I see my husband has found an ally ??
02/12/2020 13:47:12 38 4
I was a ‘loyal’ 50-something Bon Marche customer and am fortunate enough to have money to spend on clothes. However, they had already lost my custom by deciding that anyone over a certain size is no longer worthy of their attention. This season’s new stock is also so frumpy that not even my 82 year old mother would wear it. Sorry for the staff but past it’s sell-by date.
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02/12/2020 13:58:46 18 11
Not one politician will lose their job during this farce. They do not care about anyone but themselves, no matter what they say. In any case ever utterance is a lie. Their has to be consequences for the people destroying out towns and lives.

It's not Covid it's this Government's response to it, and abject failure.

Sad for the jobless.
idiot, not for gov to bail out private badly run companies Removed