Covid tiers: MPs back tougher system for England, despite Tory rebellion
01/12/2020 | news | politics | 2,874
The restrictions will start at 00:01 GMT, despite 55 Tory MPs voting against the government.
This hoax, this exaggerated threat, these falsified stats, these politically motivated lockdowns have devastated people's lives. Enough is enough. Disobey. Resist en masse. Show them we're not halfwits who don't know their game. Removed
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Steady on: the mask fanatics will call you a granny killer and a spreader!
This government need to remember the name Jo Cox. Removed
I think we should all be kept in our houses for a year. With the army delivering food & vaccines. Anyone breaking the rules should be shot in the face. Once the vaccines take effect the zombie apocalypse can commence. Removed
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Around here, compliance with the current lockdown has been terrible. Army on the street is the only way I see any form of lockdown being followed from tomorrow. Stun guns, rubber bullets, whatever.

Or we just let everyone take responsibility for themselves perhaps.

I’m living underground for 6 weeks, until I get my shots.
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The nearest filth to here is twenty miles away. We'll just carry on as usual, mate.
Because you are clearly a idiot, so no one would be/is surprised Removed
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Oooh. Get her, sarge.
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Please God, a no deal will follow this. Let's take back Britain!
back from where you moron...... get yer glag out and 8ace wife beater lager ... god i bet europe miss you like a hole in head ... conor the gonner ... Removed
Can I smack someone with a lump of 4 by 2 if they come to close and breathe on me? Because that's what they deserve, idiots is to kinder word to describe them Removed
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You need to self isolate if concerned and let others get on with their lives
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By the end of this shambles there will be no
No jobs
Education of a whole generation ruined
Many many deaths from other cancelled operations
Economy destroyed for many years
Our civil liberties crushed worse than any dictator could ever imagine doing
But still we continue with this nonsense

Those supporting lockdowns are either very rich or very stupid. Most dying would be dying anyway!
01/12/2020 21:01:46 11 9
Dear people of the UK

After 9 months of this pandemic, we the undersigned are fed up with you failing to socially distance, wear a face covering, and follow basic hygiene.

We are fed up with you spreading misinformation, having parties/raves etc. and spreading this virus.


NHS workers, vulnerable people still shielding and those that have already lost their jobs this past 9 months.
Pillock. Removed
So let's talk Corbyn. I read the last Labour manifesto, researched the facts, supported its contents, and I'm no slouch. In fact I'm highly educated and have a lot of experience in the real world, including corporate sector. I'm from a working class family before I'm accused of being "out of touch".

Is my opinion worth less than QAnon-believing, overweight men?
EU MEPs far to busy right now G**g b**ging Removed
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You need help....
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Makes a change from Tory Ministers. ????????
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Booked your train ticket.?
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You do realise that the guy you're referring to is a VERY good friend of one Nigel Farage? Or so I've been told.
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"Suggest we voted against Corbyn solely"

You fell for his demonisation by the real demons you voted for
“Our integrity sells for so little, but it is all that we really have. It is the very last inch of us. But within that inch, we are free... An inch; it is small, and it is fragile, and it is the only thing in the world worth having. We must never lose it or give it away; we must never let them take it from us.” Removed
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Rather a grand quote in response to a set of temporary regulations to control the spread of an infection....... it will be over soon
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Covid is all lies
Never underestimate the ignorance of a Brexiter. Removed
01/12/2020 21:36:04 2 13
Covid is all lies
Doubt anyone will notice any difference. This “lockdown” has been a waste of time and many can’t be bothered having the muppets dictating to us what they “believe” is best for us the public. I’ll use my common sense thanks and go about my daily business being careful where I need to be and respectful to others but no longer give a toss what bozo and his cronies have to say.Can’t wait till they die Removed
01/12/2020 21:45:24 7 8
Labour abandoned the traditional voter during the referendum. Tonight they threw the working class under the bus and then reversed over them. Abstention?? They and the Conservatives have caused more damage to this nation than any foreign aggressor.
Our incompetent and corrupt government is responsible for the slaughter of more than 70,000 of our fellow citizens and still finds playing politics with our lives justified. London should be in level 3 and Manchester maybe should be in level 2.......... they would make more sense but the Bonker only has balls for one thing and that's not to act as a national leader. Removed
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Get a grip.
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Maybe Manchester would be in Tier 2 (like Liverpool) if the Labour Mayor hadn’t delayed things by 10 days with his political posturing?
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Actually most of the deaths came from care homes that were infected early on when hospitals emptied patients into them to clear the hospitals... This idea was not governments or Boris (as much as I detest the man) it was sage and public health England's plan... You know, those experts!!!
01/12/2020 21:46:52 10 8
You could say Boris has made a right Brexit up of all this
Just remember you CAN do what you want if you want to Removed
01/12/2020 22:12:12 3 1
Are you suggesting rape and murder are allowable ?
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are you saying ignore the restrictions, going out and mingling, or pertying at xmas, and spread the virus?
The government and sage should all be charged with crimes against humanity and hung from tower bridge Removed
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Bring on the 1st whistle blower.
01/12/2020 20:29:03 247 63
The PM’s statement to the house was decimated word for word by Mr Starmer

How can we be on the 5th plan, 8 months later, having gone through two lockdowns, with regulations that are still inconsistent across the country and with massive holes in support-particularly for the self-employed and those asked to self-isolate?!

We need effective restrictions, not ones which encourage rebellion!
Sir Starmer didn't pull anything apart. Remember, Sir Starmer is one of the few people in the country who didn't think Saville was a paedo. Removed
Fcuk Nozzles Removed
Who approves of the statue of Mrs Thatcher being paid for with tax payers cash? Removed
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Has her statue got an advisory role in the Department of Trade, or has it won one of the VIP contracts to supply PPE?
01/12/2020 20:30:50 210 97
If those 55 MPs, or anyone else advocating dissent, are so worried about the economy, then start encouraging people to follow even the most basic of guidance as well as doing it yourself.

The sooner we get the virus down to single figures, as countries in East Asia and Oz/NZ have, the sooner we can get the economy rolling again.

Anything else, including arguing, just drags things on and on...
"Single figures"? Are you mad? So if one person gets infected or dies the ENTIRE nation has to suffer? The rates are already in single figures as a percentage of population. It is a flu and no matter what humans do, FLU kills and will do every year forever. Meanhile, people dies of other causes so you can hide safely at home while the country collapses! Removed
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Boris won easily #backboris
Idiot. Removed
01/12/2020 22:19:45 6 3
BS Boris & his cult populist governments dysfunctional inept & corrupted performance has resulted in the UK having one of the largest C19 death rate
From BS Boris ignoring the initial warnings, not ordering PPE, keeping the borders open while 25m untested people enter, late initial lockdown, etc
BS Boris & the cult are not fit to be in office
I cannot wait for the enquiry to expose BS Boris's cult
01/12/2020 22:19:53 8 5
Just a caveat. Maybe we need these rules, as the average IQ of the British public is so low they need telling what to do?
01/12/2020 20:23:23 333 48
I think broadly speaking most people would put up with and may even favour harsher restrictions (admittedly I'm not one of them). What irritates them however is the increasing absurdity of the rules and inconsistent application. Placing Stratford in tier 3 while hotspots like parts of London are in tier 2 isn't fair, and why is a beer at a gig safer than one in a pub without a substantial meal?
01/12/2020 22:36:06 2 1
LK's comments
"theoretical cushion that's hardly gone according to plan" and "mp's banded together to give Boris Johnson his biggest kicking yet"
Really Laura..!!
Nowt like egging it a bit is there.
What next mutiny on the bounty.?
I see moves are afoot to put up a statue of Margaret Thatcher in her home town, after it was made clear to them that it would not be allowed to be erected anywhere near Parliament square.
One insider was reported to have said...
Too near the Thames, for Tory comfort?
01/12/2020 22:54:02 0 0
Surprised there isn't one already in her home town
01/12/2020 22:32:21 7 2
People question why the Scots want away from this government, tonight’s debacle must surely be a big clue.
Truly a bunch of incompetents.
You've got your own government you melt. Heard of devolution, or don't know what it means.
Removed many staff do they have?

Isn’t that the correct question, supplemented by, how many of the 40,000 nurses have you so far recruited.
Spanish doctors don't want to work for the NHS anymore.
They feel the UK is racist. How odd (muy rara!)
01/12/2020 23:08:35 3 4
Lockdowns don't work. Oh hang on a mo, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam - yes they do, provided the people take heed and don't start thinking they know better. Unfortunately this country is too blooming selfish and they would kill their granny for the sake of a pint
Please look at the situation behind Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam before spouting such drivel. We'd have had to lockdown in December last year for that to work. We've been passed the point of no return from February. If you actually believe that closing down the economy and taking away basic freedoms is the answer then you're an idiot. Removed
I’ve booked my Christmas lunch in a tier 2 - and I intend to keep it - even though I’m in tier 3 - stuff the system, it’s time we told them so! Up yours HanCOCK Removed
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You must be crackers ...
01/12/2020 23:19:56 2 1
This is the attitude that demonstrates why you have uncontrolled COVID and in Victoria we now have no live cases, no new infections for over 28 days and an economy recovering.
I've noticed a lot of hypocritical bleating from the right about unemployment. Where were u when your heroine Thatcher got unemployment up to 4 million? You didn't give a stuff. As long as you and your tribe are taken care off - the rest can go hang. You deliberately and systematically hollowed out the public sector. What did u think would happen with this sort of challenge? You are pathetic. Removed
01/12/2020 23:28:52 2 0
Exactly. And these very people are apparently erecting a statue of Thatcher in her home town (Grantham) supposedly at tax payers expense.
I've complied from March up to now and it's all been futile. I'm in a bad place. From 00.01am these are my rules. 1. I'm not wearing a mask anymore. 2. I'll meet with whoever i want so long as they agree. 3. Anyone who comments about me not wearing a mask or breaking rules will be warned off. If they persist they will be smashed in the face. I've had enough. Oh and 4. I won't be having a vaccine Removed
01/12/2020 23:27:34 2 0
Let us know if you survive.
01/12/2020 23:28:38 0 0
Glad your not taking vaccine. Will leave more for everyone else. Do u actually know anything about the constituents of the vaccine.
01/12/2020 23:32:35 0 0
?? Where are you going to find someone willing to smash someone's face for you
01/12/2020 23:37:29 0 0
Sorry to hear you are feeling in a bad place. Keep the faith and to your convictions. Start wearing a black sheep sticker to show that you won't follow the herd who for some reason are swallowing this tripe.
Keep peachy
01/12/2020 23:18:23 4 6
Business as usual for Labour then?

Abstain and nobody can blame us?

When will they ever learn that such cowardice BACKFIRES -and is not appreciated by the UK majority?
Starmer in particular is a vile cowardly snake with a fetish for murder and torture bills.

To be clear, I'm not saying the right-wing is any better. They're one step away from being literal Nazis, except they have none of the bravery of the Wehrmacht, seemingly posessing only vile and contemptible qualities.
Just posted a comment comparing Maggie to the current gov.

Got instant 3 downticks

I never realised the bots were programmed to still revere her.

Says it all about the cons still pulling the strings,

Still hankering for the good old days,
when peasants knew their place
and it was only common people who were struck down by terrible disease
01/12/2020 23:44:25 6 0
No, you got downticks because you said Maggie engineered the Falklands war, whilst missing out the obvious fact that Argentina invaded the islands in the first place
01/12/2020 23:57:39 0 0
'peasants knew their place'
Maggie had her faults
but check her modest background
and then look at Boris and his cabinet or maybe Rees-Mogg.
01/12/2020 22:44:53 6 1
So you think that when we went into the first (truly national) lockdown with the R value at 3, and when we came out of it with R under 1, that did not work?
01/12/2020 23:41:51 5 2
I've been thinking about the science of this. I wonder if Mr Gove has still had enough of experts? Maybe if we put the bankers into laboratories it would all have happened more quickly. Following his comments I was thinking about getting a French polisher to do my wife's hip replacement earlier this year but in the end plumped for an orthopaedic surgeon - call me old fashioned!
If you recall Gove is an expert in ‘nothing’ just like his sexual chimp Bojo. Removed
01/12/2020 23:53:05 2 3
All I've heard today is that her Maj and the Greek bloke will be staying home for chrimbo.
For the record I couldn't give a **** about them. I'm more concerned about other people like my neighbours and those who dread Christmas.
01/12/2020 20:31:33 100 122
the alternative is Not to follow Labour
01/12/2020 20:34:18 19 36
Old Captain hindsight is too busy picking the knives out of his back from “his colleagues “ to come out with anything constructive
02/12/2020 00:15:09 7 10
Well that's 78 MP,s that are not worthy of sitting in the house. Abstaining or voting against only shows they don't understand the seriousness of this virus.
The virus is a hoax. Removed
Our only potential saviours at the moment are not MPs or the judges, but the police. Everyone should go about their lives as normal, ignoring all the 'tier' bullshit, and the police should let them. Doesn't Common Law entitle us to freedoms that the corporate law of government cannot take away? I bow down to the Divine One and accept His rights, not to the blond one with his immoral regulations. Removed
This latest analysis of the Covid data sets published by PHE and ONS for England shows that lockdowns have had no effect (or a negative effect) and that masks may have increased rather than decreased infections - Viral Impact in England The Empirical Evidence Removed
02/12/2020 00:46:53 2 0
Really? Could you provide a specific link, rather than a YouTube vid.
01/12/2020 21:05:58 9 14
All people should be made to take the vaccine. Instead they talk about micro chips.
You do realise in essence you are advocating rape? This is mentality used in parts of rural Africa to 'cure' AIDS if you sleep with a virgin? I believe it is the fundamental human right of any human being to control what goes on within their body, whether that be immunisation, abortion etc. Nobody has the right to interfere with that belief. Removed
SCR3W yourselves PU55I0S Removed