Wales change will take time - Owens
01/12/2020 | sport | rugbyunion | 351
Wales need more time to adapt to head coach Wayne Pivac's attempted change in style, says hooker Ken Owens.
01/12/2020 18:12:58 0 4
It's not exciting they have and always will be terrible at rugby
You need help mate.
The BBC mod team need to reach out to you.

It’s really concerning witnessing a breakdown before our eyes.

Please seek help.
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Those predictions were from the likes of bigbaddog, Steve D, TequilaSuffer and other half wits who constantly display in their posts they’ve never even watched rugby union.
Well SteveD said it would be a close game and OriginalTEQUILASURFER is Scottish!
The majority of Eng fans thought it would be a close game (I said 1 score) despite what PWL says.
One or two idiots (plus many Wales fans who said they would be "watching from behind the sofa") said it would be an easy English win.