Boris Johnson able to call early election under proposed new law
01/12/2020 | news | politics | 354
The proposed law would do away with the five year set period between general elections.
if i have the vaccine and turn into a stupid idiot and start thinking vote leave are talking sense
will i have grounds for compensation?
02/12/2020 13:14:16 0 2
Since this is HYS is about reform of the Fixed Term Parliament Act, and has nothing to do with either Covid or Brexit, I'd say you probably don't need the vaccine to achieve that result.
02/12/2020 12:25:55 17 6
Interesting that even with Covid and Brexit, this bill is seen as a priority. It gives the Tories a chance to hold an election under a new leader before the rot sets in. Otherwise they could find themselves clinging to power like Major in the 90s.
You are forgetting Boundary Changes that will kick in around 2022. Thes make a Labour victory without the SNP that too has pressed the Self Destruct button with the sordid Salmond sex affair nigh on impossible. It is all in the arithmetic my dear cat. Removed
02/12/2020 15:59:09 6 4
The Marxist fools on HYS seem to think the next election will bring a huge surge of support for HM Opposition. LOL!!!!!!
Why in your simple mind does everyone who does not wish to support this inept, corrupt, central controlling totalitarian Government have to be Marxists. Its as stupid as saying all Tories are fascists. Removed