UK among hardest hit nations by pandemic, says OECD
01/12/2020 | news | business | 271
Research by leading international agency suggests only Argentina will be worst hit by the pandemic.
Covid will not be the worst of the effects. Brexit, deal or no deal, will be a longer lasting effect. Sadly, the economic effects of Brexit is not the end of the story. Brexit will lead to the breakup of the UK as well as taking away our freedom to live, work and retire in 27 European countries. Brexit is more than an economic loss. It is the loss of our freedom as people to choose our future. Removed
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Good Post
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But surely we can get a vaccine for that???
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I thought Johnson said we would "prosper mightily"?

But then again, he said we would have a world beating track and trace system, no border in the Irish Sea, million to one chance of no deal, was not going to prorogue Parliament, would lie down in front of bulldozers at Heathrow, signed the Withdrawal Agreement, had an oven-ready deal, was not going to lock down etc etc.
You have to admire the blind loyalty of the 7 who have down voted this comment. Johnson could defecate daily on their front lawn and they would still support him for making them poorer. Removed
Johnson, the lying, blustering, shambolic buffoon, will go down in our history as the conman who wrecked our economy and broke up the United Kingdom.
The geriatric racists who voted for Brexit must be so proud.
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Anti Boris this, Anti Boris that.......if you think we would have been better off under Jeremy, dream on !!! Labour has stopped representing the majority of working people in favour of pc minorities. the Party activists drink prosecco at dinner partys talking about Marx and Lenin, but look down their noses at real working people, they are not intellectual enough.