Coronavirus: Government publishes data behind stricter tiers
30/11/2020 | news | politics | 1,337
Some Conservative backbenchers have threaten to vote against the plan for England on Tuesday.
To be blunt, they are decimating the economy to give old dying people a month or two extra. Median average age of dying with Covid is 82 according to the Office of National Statistics. Death is due to comorbidity. This virus is not that devastating, it is the media sensationalising it and the government doing their typical knee jerk reaction. The NHS has not been overwhelmed TikTok showed that Removed
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I am no millennial snowflake, but this comment is bordering on obscene. God forgive you.
30/11/2020 18:17:29 11 13
FULL lockdown. Nothing less will suffice. Nothing less will stop the spread.

Get rid of these 'tiers' and other silly get-out clauses and categories.

It's time for the government to act like a government.
Idiot! Removed
30/11/2020 18:44:35 82 58
The facts:

The NHS has been underfunded massively by the Tories since 2010. In GDP terms NHS spending has fallen from 7.6% to 7.1% (Nuffield Trust figures). That's a massive cut.

On top of that huge costs have been piled onto the NHS because the Tories slashed Social Care funding. In response the NHS has made cuts to services of over £80B to-date.

A Tory NHS always ends up in crisis!
30/11/2020 21:12:54 7 4
Well I have had it with the government. These new restrictions have lost them my support. I am no longer going follow their stupid rules.
Selfish bastard Removed
30/11/2020 21:17:48 2 3
Speak for yourself, pal. You want to destroy our freedoms and our economy? If you follow this nonsense so slavishly, just stay home like a good little child. Wear a mask - maybe two - and you'll be alright.
30/11/2020 21:19:00 5 0
get back in your bunker, the rest of us have jobs and lives.
30/11/2020 18:50:00 36 71
Your evidence?? or it must be r***ish
Your obviously a woke communist supporting more fascist measures. No this has to end now. Removed
30/11/2020 20:09:28 21 6
There have been some bad government s over the years but this one stayed in a working pub that had been a brothel overnight they would come out sober and virgins
And you'd rather they were like you? Came out bladdered and diseased? Removed
30/11/2020 21:05:50 112 107
It's the appalling press and the left who are the captain hindsights and have no better idea what should be done, except to criticise. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. No PM in history would have stood a chance in such unchartered waters.
As a conservative I hate this government and they have lost my support over the fascist handling of this farce. Removed
30/11/2020 18:09:11 47 16
Not much problem with the tiers themselves - just the allocation in specific areas. Worthing has lowest rate in England but T2! Hampshire in T2 because people commute to Portsmouth & Southampton even though NE Hants is 50 miles away. Isle of Wight is T1 despite the fact that many commute to Portsmouth & Southampton. So the allocation is indefensible.
So in Buxton in the High Peak we had 3 cases last week and were in T3 with 27000 people. FFS this is stupidity on a grand scale. They have lost all my compliance by the injustice and stupidity. Only idiots and Lemmings follow the insane. Removed
30/11/2020 21:30:24 6 4
Had the North followed the instructions months ago maybe they would not now be looking at Tier 3. I live in Tier 2 but only 20 yards from Tier 1 . That is just how it is, get on with it.
Had we rebelled months ago this idiot wouldn't be able to impose a lock down on us - nor would Brylcreem Boy Removed
The North ...

It delivered Brexit ... Johnson ... & Covid wave two.

Levelling up?

It needs to be flattened!
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Come on up then
30/11/2020 21:48:18 1 0
do you know where it is ?
30/11/2020 21:50:31 1 0
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To abstain on an issue as important as Covid indicates either you do not care what happens to the public or that you are so indecisive you are not fit to run the local kebab shop let alone a country.
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England is so full of fools like you.
The real idiot in all this covid business is Johnson as he still can't get his head round that saying that track and trace works is farcical. Johnson belief in systemic lying is kill British people.

I have been told of many people failing to get a satisfactory or timely response to track and trace. This gross administrative incompetence kills more people than Covid - so Johnson KILLS!
There's only one beast he needs to worry about and that's the one my therapist tries to stop and he's currently close to overriding any therapy or medication and believe me, im far more dangerous than a virus. Removed
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Sorry, I don't believe you.

I think you are a little like the lion in wizard of Oz.
If the UK government wants to do something useful then it can send a Royal Navy ship to Monaco, tow that great monstrous super-yatch of Philip Green's back to the UK, auction it and then put the proceeds towards the Arcadia pension fund.

I think that would make a lot if people's Christmases, don't you.

(I might just start a petition on the website demanding as much.)
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He'lljust buy another one.
30/11/2020 22:56:55 2 0
Good idea
What's all the fuss about having the vaccine, it's only a little prick.

It was developed with the anti-vaxxers in mind.
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I suppose you will be out at raves or pubs every night drinking and spreading whatever you've caught or deserve to catch.
I'm not a Tory, just one of the few Labour supporters with common sense.
So a Tory then goodness our education system has also got worse under this revolting bunch of corrupt slime. Removed
Boris & Co don't like detail or true facts. Bit of bullshit. Bit of bluster. Can't expect the truth.... Come on guys, it's Boris! Removed
30/11/2020 19:27:11 34 64
A lot fewer than could die were all restrictions lifted....
Your an idiot if you beleive that jack. Removed
Question 1: have you or a direct family member succumbed. If not shut the F
up. Question 2: Do you lmow your ar*e from your elbow? If so then just follow the rules.
01/12/2020 00:35:03 3 1
And the alternative - NHS overloaded and turning people away from Accident & Emergency care.

Is that what you'd prefer??


Why not think about the situation????

Can you even think?????
2.6 million forecast to be unemployed - someone expresses sympathy & is attacked by you! Moron! Removed
And what's the alternative then???

2.6 million forecast to be unemployed - someone expresses sympathy & is attacked by you! Moron! Removed
And what's the alternative then???

01/12/2020 08:07:00 5 8
Keir Smarmey seeking to make political capital out of the pandemic again rather than acting in the national interest. The more you see of him the more you realise he is a man of straw.
Yes Labour need to wake up fast! Arcadia, Top Shop , Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge and now Debenhams. A perfect storm is brewing for Sir K Slimer. Removed
01/12/2020 08:33:17 2 0
No doubt BJ is being drawn towards globalism, soon a giant GUM STORE will be available to all.... probably around 2030.
01/12/2020 08:49:00 0 0
So you're suggesting, the Tories have destroyed the economy and SKS will have to clean up the mess?
Well done Felicity.
Why can't Sir K Slimer and his MPs vote For or Against. Abstaining is a dereliction of what they are paid to do as MPs by their constituents. Removed
01/12/2020 08:25:23 7 6
I agree. It shouldn't feature as an option. Public money demands a definitive response ..
whichever way.
01/12/2020 08:28:32 3 0
When the argument for and against isn't good, abstaining is all that's left. I wanted to leave the EU, but didn't trust politicians to do the job.
01/12/2020 08:43:16 2 2
Labour playing petty politics again. Under “new leadership” said Starmer. What a joke!

Imagine him as PM abstaining on his own regulations. Probably would too!
01/12/2020 09:05:44 7 6
What is wrong with Slimy Starmer?. Either he wants to be in charge or he doesn't. Once again he has the chance to make a difference but once again he abstains his responsibilities as leader of the opposition. An MP's duty is to represent their electorate. How is abstaining doing that? Does that mean each of their constituents can abstain from lockdown too??
Kiddie abuse devalues any post. Removed
01/12/2020 09:10:13 12 7
if you voted for Brexit & you're complaining about Covid restrictions damaging the economy you're a hypocrite & a fool.

Provably so
01/12/2020 10:10:36 1 0
Tabloid spin was invented under Blair? You sure? I seem to remember quite a famous headline in The Sun regarding Liverpool fans at Hillsborough.

I assume you were born in the 90's & have no concept of anything before then?
Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany, on the need to appeal to emotions and instincts, instead of intellect, and on the unimportance of truth... Removed
01/12/2020 09:15:38 0 1
This brilliant government is at least trying to do somethi n unlike others who just complain.
Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany, on the need to appeal to emotions and instincts, instead of intellect, and on the unimportance of truth. Removed