Brexit: UK in 'last leg' of trade talks with EU, says Raab
29/11/2020 | news | politics | 5,951
The foreign secretary said a deal was possible if the EU side showed "pragmatism" in the coming days.
29/11/2020 13:32:24 5 5
When 1 member state in a 4 member Union drags 2 member states who voted strongly for remain goes ahead with a Brexit they have proven to make those 2 states the worst off economically in the whole of that union, that member state deserves what is coming next. Welsh and Scottish Independence, Irish Unification and all will become members of the EU. Only England is Sovereign & not devolved.
29/11/2020 13:35:50 3 6
Independent Scotland will license 'our country' and its natural resources to England, at a cost. We have to prove that Scotland is not an economic basket case to gain EU membership and licensing our fishing, MOD Bases and Training grounds, water, Electricity, and recovering our Billion Pound Bank Bonds are a great place to start building a modern and fair Society and Democracy.
29/11/2020 13:38:40 5 6
As soon as possible Independent Scotland will license its own fishing grounds thank you Boris. You say Scotland has no economic future alone outside of the UK. Well that is a great place to start and get revenge for this economic Scottish disaster you have forced on my country of Birth called BREXIT. Scottish fish for Scottish Fisherfolk. YEAH take back control England. Way to go.
29/11/2020 13:41:14 6 4
and then we can sign upto EU membership and lose total control.... I see the logic in your independence argument lol
29/11/2020 13:42:03 2 3
Here we go a Clingon spouting about ""revenge". Just shows how sad the undemocratic losers are!!
29/11/2020 13:46:42 2 2
3 things: 1- we had a democratic vote on Brexit, 2- Scotland had a democratic independence vote, 3- don't you live in Malta?

Respect the votes, and if you are so concerned about Scotland, why did you leave?
29/11/2020 13:48:06 1 2
YOUR government (SNP) want to sell YOUR country out.. along with YOUR fish!!!
29/11/2020 14:04:11 2 1
"my country of Birth" - are you yet another Scot who will do anything for your country except live there?
29/11/2020 14:09:16 1 1
Yeah get ruled by EU and have no decision at all, great independence thinking there i thought scottish were intelligent people, look at how much they have listened to the UK government in the past 20 years and you want to be ruled by dictact lmao cmon be a free thinker at least.
29/11/2020 13:37:48 12 11
There should be no "haggling" over how much European fishing boats can fish our waters....

The answer is NOT AT ALL.

We fish our waters.... What WE catch, they can then buy from us....

What is so difficult about this?....

You won't find many British trawlers around the Med....
29/11/2020 13:41:03 4 4
We find plenty of English tourists taking advantage of the cheap EU booze and spouting racist rubbish in Malta though.