Cancer: Blood test for 50 types to be trialled by NHS
27/11/2020 | news | health | 147
More than 165,000 people in England will be offered the tests from next year.
27/11/2020 10:32:54 43 3
The parent company that owns Grail are the one of the biggest genetic biotech companies in the world. They have been part of the human genome project, mapped out and gave out free the genome of covid and have always had partnerships with many medical research charities over the years.
This new development will end up saving not only lives but money for the NHS.
Yet are probably the target of many conspiracy theories from Brexiteer/Antivaxxer/climate change denier types. Removed
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Antivaxers might well want to justify their existence with conspiracy theories against these companies. But Brexiteers and climate change deniers wouldn’t have an axe to grind with this.
27/11/2020 11:05:44 8 2
From what I can see on this comment thread, you are the only conspiracy theorist here.
27/11/2020 11:31:05 2 1
Antivaxers probably, the other 2 not sure how that would have any relevance except I guess there is an element over over population involved in climate change
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This is impressive, and demonstrates (if the pandemic and environmental concerns haven't), why we need to be investing heavily in scientific research, and doing more to support the training and retention of scientists here in the UK (once world leading, but at risk of losing it).
Brexit will finish it off - so many of the people in science are 'foreigners' aren't they! Removed
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Get a life
51 minutes the Arcadia article was open for comments.

Then the BBC silence everybody.

Then you highlight this, and they silence you.

51 minutes is all the BBC could take before they bottled it..

They even point out that Sky broke the news first they are that scared of Arcadia

Truly shocking journalism
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Scared of getting sued for libel because some HYS poster runs his mouth off about Philip Green more like. Lets face it... Phil needs the cash!
27/11/2020 12:35:23 1 1
It would have been good to have mentioned that GRAIL have Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates as investors - so their investment and philanthropy is helping to fund the UK trial.
Your point is? Does anyone really believe Bill Gates gives a toss what your up to. A conspiracy theory is a theory looking for an idiot, sadly not hard to find. Removed