Universal Credit: Millions face losing £1,000 in benefits, campaigners warn
26/11/2020 | news | politics | 339
Campaigners urge Chancellor Rishi Sunak to keep a temporary Universal Credit increase in place.
Got to claw back that 14bn spaffed on Dido Harding somehow.

I don't mind if got award contracts to people they know, but could those people at least not be proven failures with absolutely no skill or experience in the area?

May as well appoint Corbyn chief rabbi!
This £20 a week additional benefit payment was put in place for the duration of Covid. Why? God knows.

So there's no 'CUT' when it goes.

Having said that it was pretty stupid of the Government to have put the increase in place in the first place. It would always give scum like the BBC chance to lie about it when it went.