Rishi Sunak faces state pension conundrum
27/11/2020 | news | business | 1,482
Official forecasts suggest the state pension will rise by 4.1% in April 2022 when unemployment is high.
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Public sector pensions are un-affordable. The government needs to grasp the nettle here and bring them in line with the private sector
no chance we paid dearly for ours,so up yours Removed
We shut the country and expect everything good that the economy provides to continue unchanged

Maybe killing the golden goose to keep all the unwell, half dead elderly geese alive for a touch longer wasn’t such a hot idea after all

Who knew!
27/11/2020 13:49:26 1 7
Pensioners income outstrips average wages already. Time to concentrate on the employed and employable and the future.

I don't think so, idiot........? Removed
27/11/2020 13:46:28 6 8
Its nothing like a private pension. There is no account, no portfolio, no investment, there isn't even a pile of cash sat in a bank somewhere gathering interest. You haven't paid into anything. Its a benefit. With eligibility rules like every other benefit that change as a when the govt see fit. Part of the problem is pensioners refusal to admit that to themselves.
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27/11/2020 13:32:08 6 4
Well apart from the Korean War, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iran/Iraq, Gulf war x2, Bosnia, Ukraine, Syria....
27/11/2020 12:17:57 40 27
Fighting the miners was an excellent cause. Why should other hard working people subsidise massively loss making industries? Us SME people just go bust if we make losses, we don;t get funded by other people's tax. Unions should work with companies, not against them. Mrs T did us a great favour.
Utter rubbish. And idiots like you whine that your energy bill is over £1k per annum. Imported gas and oil, minimal tidal, solar and wind energy yet there's millions of tonnes of viable coal all across the UK before Thatcher / Tories closed all the profit making pits down. Removed
27/11/2020 15:40:26 42 46
That would be everyone then, Since Mrs T changed taxation system from total direct taxation to a mix with indirect taxation, every single person pays tax, did you not know this?

strange that you did not understand that, we all pay taxes sorry to burst your bubble
Sorry no, that's not true. A significant number of layabouts who have never worked, and know how to milk the system have never paid tax. Parasites. Removed
Biggest con of the lot is the brainwashing of telling us how healthy we’ve become and that we can work till we drop. Simple innit?kill us all off before we can get our mitts on their measly pension.
Come on people! Wake up and smell the coffee. Conned from the cradle to the grave!! Triple lock my arse!!
28/11/2020 03:39:22 5 4
People under 45 no longer expect to receive a state pension when they retire at 75. So it’s only right we start to trim this unaffordable cost now. But people are are correct in saying council tax is too high (apart from in London where it’s subsidised to be cheap by the rest of the country) and needs to be reduced. Charging £4000 a year to empty the bins is ridiculous.
28/11/2020 07:17:27 0 1
But who will they vote for. All sensible politicians know the triple lock is unaffordable so if it’s broken no party would have it in their manifesto to reinstate it....
28/11/2020 01:44:13 4 1
By the middle of the 2040's retirement will be viewed in the same context as smallpox, cholera and polio are now in this country: as something which used to happen to people in the olden days but doesn't anymore.
27/11/2020 23:30:42 6 1
Charity begins at home yet something of your rant tells me you aren’t the charitable type.