Covid: Pub industry warns it faces 'darkest of moments'
26/11/2020 | news | business | 196
More than 50 executives call for evidence justifying industry's Covid restrictions to be published.
26/11/2020 10:37:34 7 27
pubs and hospitality are responsible for the spread of the virus
You really are an uneducated moron Removed
26/11/2020 10:55:30 8 31
The only sensible option is to close the pubs until after this disaster is over, but the people who cannot go one day without drinking alcohol would have to be forced by law to manage this.
What a moron.
Punish the sector that is not responsible and hundreds of thousands of people lose their jobs.
Schools should close and remote learning used instead, they are the real spreaders.

Still at least we can all be thankful that you will never be in a position to drive policy
26/11/2020 12:43:19 8 2
I will give you evidence from my local area... Wharton Arms, Bedlington and The Castle & Bubbles Wine Bar, Ashington ignoring the guidelines by being over their room fire limits and all three failing to keep records of who had visited. Two weeks later there were spikes in covid 19 cases in Bedlington West and Hirst, Ashington council areas.
A case of the few spoiling it for the many.
Maradona was and always will be, a cheat. Hand of God? No, hand of cheat! Removed