Spending review 'undermines UK green vision'
25/11/2020 | news | science | 238
The UK chancellor's spending review is accused of undermining the prime minister’s “green” vision.
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Actually, we are heading for a crash in the population in the next century. The problem at the moment is the death rate is half the birth rate. It is the death rate that needs to increase because the bulge in the demographics is in the older generations. The median age of the population is steadily increasing each year. There will be more people over 65 than children.
@Tux: Making stuff up yet again. Now your boss is leaving his post on the 20th Jan you dont need to audition on HYS with your alt-facts. Removed
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Thanks Grumps... I'll take that as a "no" then.
Try looking at the XR website where they have the links
Or look at the links the SlurpBurk posted to prove that Exeter & the UK will be flooded by 2030.
Bet you wont as you will have to accept a view that a lot of the AGW is like the Emperor with no clothes
This is great, more roads means more places for you to chuck your rubbish out the window while driving, maybe with everyone having a dash cam these days, you could dob in a tosser, get a ten pound reward from the 50 pound fine levied on the tosser and rest could go to mending the roads and keeping them clean for A-holes who cant be bothered taking their detritus home with them. Removed
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Here is my 12 year old sons theory Covid is a cover up for an experiment due to the hype that Greta Thumberg caused so all the leaders in the world could not loose face they decided to use covid to slow the planets movement of people, cars, planes and all things that harm the planet just to see what would happen to our planet mmm we beggar got me thinking
does your idiot son get his ideas from his idiot father? Removed
I am a member of the green party, but I know the world/the planet is doomed, so let's get on with it. Let us all get drunk and fat and slobber around, bombing innocent people. Sorry, but that is all the brits have done for centuries. Teach the real brit history about drugs, tea, sugar, tobacco, potatoes, raping women and killing unarmed men because you think you rule the world. Nothing changes. Removed
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Stupidity and denial undermine the world's green visions and any sense of responsibility for our children's future. Do we feel the bad karma yet? The climate, the air we struggle to breathe and the toxic food we eat? The virus? Do we feel it yet? It can only get worse, if we don't wake up.
Brexit will push so many back down Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy that they’ll have more immediate concerns like holding on to that job paying 3rd World wages? A win-win for the architects of the Great Brexit Swindle? Removed
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My earlier comment was removed (off topic) for pointing out that certain imminent economic impacts on people’s lives will ”push so many back down Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy that they’ll have more immediate concerns like holding on to that job...” Enviro-Economics 101. Sheesh!
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There are a few people on this forum who seem to avoid reasoned debate & cancel any posts that they disagree with. Often its not what you post but who you are that triggers these people.

Strangely these same people who cancel my posts are often agreeing with my other posts when I use my old account. ??
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I don't think the reviewers were members of XR - just experts who were able to see the flaws in Schellenberger's work - but hey ho why listen to experts?
Just for you, as you seem to have difficult in simple english:

Shellenberger believes in AGW.

Shellenberger believes in Doesnt over hype AGW.

Shellenberger is a well renowned environmentalist.

Shellenberger has been invited by the IPCC as an expert witness.

IPCC havent invited XR as experts witnesses.

IPCC havent invited retired lecturers who have little scientific knowledge of CC
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Schellenberger writes a book. As is normal, it is reviewed by experts on the subject who say that Schellenberger makes inaccurate claims in support of a misleading and overly simplistic argumentation about climate change. Personally, I prefer to believe experts.
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Like Schellenberger's arguments - your link doesn't work! There are plenty of other scientists with a better background in climate and environmental science than 'cultural anthropology' who have demonstrated the flaws in Schellenberger's book. I'm happy to believe their expert judgement.
"Like Schellenberger's arguments - your link doesn't work! "

Schellenberger's arguments is sound as he presents links & videos & rebuttals. Unlike you who has a hissy fit.

If you cant figure how to add two lines together to get the link to work it speaks volumes. NURSE NURSE Bruce needs help yet again.

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I think the only person having a hissy fit appears to be Schellenberger!