Covid: Tiers and Christmas - a recipe for disaster?
26/11/2020 | news | health | 911
With lockdown coming to an end, it is all change. But is the government making a mistake?
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Be responsible. Get the app on your phone. No app - no entry. If you don't have a phone, likely you're older and therefore in a category that should be staying away from crowds. No app - no visiting the care home that looks after your parents. Stay distant. Challenge people on the phone in supermarkets that don't have a face mask on - they have the phone, got the app? Hidden disability or.. fool
Hey BBC - you seem to have missed an important political story from last night - that of Carole Cadwalladr admitting that she made up the whole Banks/Russia funding story. You know the one you were perfectly happy to report on despite the fact it was all lies. Removed
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englands going to be in lockdown anyway come xmas day,imagine letting spectators come in and then go home to infect their friends and families and thats just the south of england,all health workers will then be working all through the holidays because of reckless politicians in westminster,tiies begin next week and that better not turn to real tears because of useless governance,world beating not/
Unreadable joined up nonsense, try using commas. Removed
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I agree. Bojo's dad is a disgrace. His sense of entitlement has been passed on to his children.
Boris is right and as usual mindless morons like you can not help themselves. Removed

BBC Question Time's viewing figures were 8.3 million in 2009 and just 0.7 million on the 19th November 2020

That’s was a single episode when they had bnp scum on.

Normal figures in 2009 were around 2.5 million.

They are now around 1.5 million, but the BBC admits it can’t get the right guests on currently due to coronavirus.

Do you actually believe the rubbish you type?
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To all my friends and family - enjoy your Christmas. I will not be joining you but hope you all keep safe whatever you decide to do.
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We have been in lockdown/restrictions since March, the population are accustomed to it ( even though we dislike it ). The media are hyping Christmas to provoke people into clicks and sales for their own benefit. Most of the population have already scaled back their plans. I wish the media woul stop hyping it up or at least be honest about why they are hyping "the loss of Christmas" up
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Why for once can we no put aside our sense of self entitlement and wetness?We are so close to a mass vaccination programme, so why risk a third wave for the sake of Christmas. I love Christmas but it will come around soon enough next year. I for one don’t want to spend another 25 days or more locked down, or worse, in inJanuary all for the sake of a Christmas jolly. Utterly bonkers policy.
If you want to lock yourself down permanently until the majority is vaccinated, you feel free. I am going to visit my father who is in my social bubble, which will help mine and his mental health. Anyone who tells me I can't can go and f**k themselves, for me the risk is practically zero. Removed
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The only realistic solution is that the government chips everybody so that it can monitor where everybody is.

As soon as the rule of 3 households is broken a can screeches from around the corner and the army officers jump out and arrest everyone. They can then be detained until vaccinated.
VSA: What totally very nasty, evil, extremist, totally insane suggestion. The UK is a democracy and not a military junta you total idiot.

If you cannot post anything sensible or constructive, then DO NOT post anything at all.
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The tiers are entirely correct only cretins will moan it is the easiest thing in the world for people to do as they please or moan about wanting to do as they please but it is weak & pathetic.

Vaccines are imminent for roll-out just need a bit of resolve, decency & empathy to be demonstrated by people now even the cretins that have driven rates up & then moan or encouraged rates to be driven up.
Only a cretin would wilfully follow the rules and allow the economy to be shut down for a virus that responsible for a 7% increase in deaths compared to last year. Well within the annual variation since 2000. Removed