Climate change: Temperature analysis shows UN goals 'within reach'
01/12/2020 | news | science | 483
Moves by China, along with the election of Joe Biden, make temperature targets more achievable.
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With Trump out of the way the adults can now get on with tackling climate change, still one of the most serious threats caused by, and affecting, mankind.
Are you enjoying your new freedom? Don't worry it'll be even better soon once your masters give you the Jab, even though there's side affects. Doesn't matter to them as long as you do as you're told.
Was watching the news the other day and a Dr was interviewing random people. He told one person the only way the virus would go is if people did what they were told.
70+mil want the truth ????
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What news? Bat Sheet Crazy today?
One world government is the goal here . do not be fooled.. Climate is the tool to get that control and power.. BBC constantly slamming Trump .. And using Trumps loss to further their true intentions... The BBC and the British gov are in collusion.Divide and conqer and cancel culture are the same Things.. Big tech , Mains stream media , the Political cabal where democracy is null and void Removed
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Tin foil alert!!
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Ooo, a racist and a science denier. Too much YoU TuBey by any chance?
Leo there are people here as usual that work either for the EU the BBc or a similar entity .. these threads along with face book , you tube ,, twitter cannot be trusted . its over ... the people need to comeout in the millions it is the only way to change this power grab by dishonest manipulative greedy politicians Removed
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Agenda21 tinfoil bS.
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Do they pay a lot, sounds like a good job.
George Bush senior Al gore . these are people that have said and are pushing the New world order,. Any one who trusts these people are simply 100 % naive .,,,, Removed
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Go back to You TuBeY.
this all an AAgenda.. . Netflix have attacked the royal family because that was their goal Netflix are Twitter ,, CNN BBC all in one .... The goal by Netflix is to divide and conquer .. just like the BBC the BBC divide and conquer ,.. get them out !!! before they destroy the whole world .. Removed
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BBC keep promoting Al gore .. George Bush , Obama┬┤s Clintons netflix CNN BLM ..... the EU and many others why why why ??? But democracy NOoOOOOOO Removed
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Keep taking the tablets!
In his mind he will not have lost .... How can you say such garbage BBC ... utterly direspectful ... and Arrogant... forging ahead i see with your divide and conquer and agenda 2030 .. aboslute fruit loops ... Removed
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BBC doing all it can to get a one world Gov. and willingly trying to destroy the past .... by promoting netflix who is also trying to divide and conquer The BBC aim is to destroy the republican party ... and any party opposed to the so CALLED Liberal cabal ( EU , varadker MAcron Merkel , Obama Clinton , Biden .MSM Netflix CNN . all the BIG tech . Face book Twitt and all of the rest of this 1 % Removed