Spending Review: Millions face cut in value of workplace pensions
25/11/2020 | news | business | 1,324
Women and new retirees likely to be hit hardest by the planned change - but not before 2030.
Boomers on Final Salary Pensions bleeding everyone else dry. Plenty of them earning more in retirement than they did at work, when they never produced anything of benefit to the country anyway. Then they voted for Brexit and pulled up the drawbridge behind them, all because Nigel got them frit of Romanians... Removed
25/11/2020 15:52:38 22 9
What a load of twaddle. Get a life
25/11/2020 15:52:40 18 3
If you can't say anything sensible and accurate, why don't you try saying nothing?
25/11/2020 15:53:51 14 3
Stop using that idiotic term "boomer". Really makes you look like an imbecile
25/11/2020 15:54:40 15 3
What an extraordinary, uninformed and bigoted outburst.

But at least your username shows a certain self-awareness...
25/11/2020 15:55:13 6 3
Dry thi eyes, get some work done.
25/11/2020 15:58:34 3 4
At least the triple lock will soon be on its way down the Sunak plug hole.
25/11/2020 16:00:06 4 5
You mean those of us who spent a lifetime keeping the country running, while taking lower wage settlements in exchange for a final salary pension, only to find it revised down in 2016 at the end of a 7 year pay freeze, with state pension entitlement reduced also because we contributed to an occupational pension?
No to Brexit.
25/11/2020 16:00:07 5 4
None of what you said makes sense.

The final salary pensions is not the same as their working salary, it is a lot less, bu based on their final income. Had it occurred to you that some people remain at the same salary level for quite a while ?

How is it their pension gives more than they did at work ?

How it is they are bleeding everyone else dry ? if the pension is from a private company ?
25/11/2020 16:01:34 3 3
Final or money purchased pensions are just that , pensions from paying in . The money was robbed by Gordon Brown ,who incidently never touched the Public sector pensions . Shame on you massivegit for all your bitterness directed at productive people and not the gold plated civil servants who are on a gravy train .
25/11/2020 16:05:48 3 6
To be fair the baby boom generation is the most self-entitled and the most worthless in history. They have been living off the backs of their parents with what they did during the war, but when it comes to the next generation they want to take away the chances that they were given and call them snowflakes. All the while enjoying the final salary pensions that their parents fought for them.
25/11/2020 16:10:29 1 4
As I began my career in a public utility in the late '80's, retirement parties for 55/56 year old colleagues were a frequent occurrence, some even involved overnight hotel stays ( on expenses of course ). The lump sum and pension derived at 55 has been sufficient to maintain a very comfortable lifestyle for the now 70-80 somethings so I don't think massivegit is too far off the mark.
Boomers on Final Salary Pensions bleeding everyone else dry. Plenty of them earning more in retirement than they did at work, when they never produced anything of benefit to the country anyway. Then they voted for Brexit and pulled up the drawbridge behind them, all because Nigel got them frit of Romanians... Removed
25/11/2020 15:53:51 3 23
Well there is shock tax the kids they won't moan. I hope they leave you dribbling in your over priced care home. Sod the future when you can rob the future generation. Shameful.. they won't keep taking it and when they say enough is enough I hope you are alive to witness it!
Most of the generation you talk about worked and paid taxes which helped the generation before. Had they know their kids would have made comments like yours, they should have drowned them at birth! Removed
25/11/2020 16:09:17 2 1
If you are going to make a comment advocating drowning kids at birth, you have no business criticising anyone elses comment on any moral stance whatsoever.
25/11/2020 16:22:13 2 2
I'm not condoning the petulance of the comment before yours, however most previous generations worked hard to ensure the next generation have a better quality of life. This trend seems to have stopped completely circa 1970s onwards. Housing crisis, total political and economic instability, rising sea levels, crippling student debts. Let's just throw in a cut to pension value into the mixer as well
25/11/2020 16:30:56 1 5
Vote Tory and you get screwed; I no longer believe they are worth my vote. At least with Labour under Blair, our living standards increased (no need to remind me of their eventual fiscal failings). Under this party we have had austerity for 10 years, and more to come; pensions attacked agains, tax rises to come, and you al lthought covid-19 itself was bad. State control is now the norm.
"I no longer believe they are worth my vote" yeah, like you ever voted tory - or worked, or even are old enough to have ever worked. Removed
25/11/2020 17:00:54 1 0
You've got an awful lot of knowledge, Phil, care to share your sources?

How old is Justhadenough? How can you see their voting history? How can you see their life history?
25/11/2020 16:28:29 100 189
"losing" not "loosing".........
25/11/2020 17:25:23 1 1
Disgusting. Makes me wonder why I've just spent several months organising food parcels and such. What's point when us younger end just get shafted all the time.
you don't.

Start saving in a pension now, rather spending it on take-aways, alcohol, video game consoles and the latest iPhones.

but I guess you are too snow-flake to take any responsibility for yourself.
All about milking the working class..... Who do you think will pay for retard Rishi’s ridiculously scheme’s and help for everyone ALL EXCEPT those who are struggling??? Removed
Tell me please .... do all these asylum seekers (legal or otherwise) eventually earn a UK state old age pension? Removed
25/11/2020 20:43:07 2 1
Yes, if they've paid 35 years of NI contributions, just like anyone else. What is an 'illegal' asylum seeker?
25/11/2020 20:44:10 1 0
They do if they pay the requisite national insurance contributions in the same way that you or I do.
25/11/2020 20:50:35 0 0
Bloody foreigners - taking our jobs - next they'll taking our pensions too. Racist comment.
25/11/2020 20:53:46 0 0
Only if they make more than 10 years NI contributions and then they would only get 2/7th of a full state pension.
Do not go to Uni, Do not get a job, Do not buy a property, Blag your way thru and take everything available, then when you get old everything will be paid for you. This is what our young people now realise, and they will not pay for the old whilst scum enter the country and take everything Removed
25/11/2020 21:59:58 1 0
This sounds like the advice Boriswas given by his dad.
The usual false female victim story from the misandry-loving BBC. Perhaps the BBC could raise awareness of the real elephant in the room - why do men die, on average, 5 years earlier then women? Men's lives are so easy right (because of the 'patriarchy'), and there's no proven biological reasons, so isn't this a worthy story? Of course not, men bad and privileged, women good and victims. Simple. Removed
25/11/2020 22:08:10 2 0
And also the majority of retired men have had to work longer and so they start their pensions later and end their pensions earlier
25/11/2020 22:22:42 0 1
Men statistically die younger as they statistically drink and smoke more and statistically have a poorer diet (I’m talking older generation)....it’s also proven that married men statistically live slightly longer than single men whereas married women live slightly shorter lives than single women ....take from that what you like!
grow weed pay no taxes and say up yours to the establishment. All you who have done the honourable thing for years will now be raped and will leave nothing to your children, this is how you are repaid for years of good honest tax paying work. . . shocking Removed
Rashford to receive a special BBC award, most woke virtue signaling Removed