UK car industry warns of £55bn no-deal Brexit hit
24/11/2020 | news | other | 441
Big losses will be seen in the next five years if the UK fails to strike a deal with the EU, the sector warns.
24/11/2020 16:22:57 74 26
All the EXPERT brexiteers,claiming full knowledge of what they were voting for,voted for it.
What a load of muppets.It would be funny if it wasn`t so disasterous.
Good pub quiz question....'Which group has a lower IQ? The Brexiteers or the 72 million Yanks who voted to give Trump a second term!!! Removed
24/11/2020 18:37:18 11 2
Ah but according to the Brexit loving rightwing we dont need this money any more. Of course they are willing to get the vast amount that will be lost due to Brexit from tax havens etc?

The brutal fact is that the Rightwing in this country are dangerous deluded Trump supporting subversives.
Interesting that you would think a Brexiteer would be a Trump Supporter, and even more so of the mention of tax havens.

Your twisted and fukd up Remoaner!

France and Germany still offer accounts not affiliated with the freedom of Information act.

You think only racists voted for Brexit- No patriots? No people who felt safe before the EU - you are sadly uninformed, mistaught, and wrong!
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