Wins highlight glorious unpredictability
23/11/2020 | sport | golf | 56
After Dustin Johnson's obvious Masters win, Robert Streb's PGA Tour win last week shows freakish results can still happen in golf, writes Iain Carter.
23/11/2020 14:26:07 8 6
Breaking news, golf produces unexpected winners.

I never knew that, whatever next the BBC televising live golf.
With Brown and Atlas rambling on like the senile, stuck in the 70s, old farts they are? No thanks. And you can whinge like a 5 year old about sky sports presenters - if Murray wasn’t popular he’d have been booted long ago. The vast majority like his style of commentary, it’s the itsy bitsy forum basement dwellers who think they speak for said majority. Removed
23/11/2020 23:04:27 4 12
Can anyone name the last three winners on the European Tour,,,,,,NO,,,,,,,
well neither can I and frankly who cares.!
2 Englishmen and a Scotsman!