Rishi Sunak's Spending Review: Four things to look out for
24/11/2020 | news | business | 904
The Spending Review marks the start of the chancellor's economic recovery strategy. Here's what to watch for.
I clapped for the NHS, but our GP's did not hear it. They have been safe at their homes since March. They will also get £12-50 for each vaccination given, well their staff will administer while they count the income from guess Their Homes Removed
24/11/2020 10:12:42 18 5
Exempt from public sector pay freezes too...the govt daren't upset doctors. What was it Aneurin Bevan said about gold and doctors mouths?
24/11/2020 12:45:57 2 0
Am I the only person in the country who has been better served by their GP than before the Covid crisis? Contact has been easier, as once an online form (e-consult) was completed, at 8pm I was in the system and called back first thing the next day. I have since seen doctors and nurses and had all the tests I needed. I have also had the flu jab sooner this year as they were so well organised!
24/11/2020 09:55:58 59 91
What to do? Maybe they'll go engineer an election after Johnson quits (generally expected anytime from spring 21) and leave the problem to a labour government, as usual.
Oh Jeremy,

Your understanding of history is about as accurate as Corbyn saying he is not a racist. Please stop printing garbage in the hope that some people will believe it. They won't. Labour never could manage money and never will be because of their outdates ideologies.
24/11/2020 11:12:02 19 22
It seems that you haven't realised that other than 2010, Labour has always left the economy in a better state than the Tories. You are just peddling the garbage you read in the Express.
24/11/2020 11:04:26 17 20
In case you have noticed David, the rich are getting hammered by high taxes under the Tories and have always been. That is why they contribute so much every time the figures are published. When you, and fellow Lefties, start dealing in facts instead of your pathetic ideologies maybe you will get someone to listen. Until then, I suggest you stop making yourself look stupid.
Urrrgh! A creepy crawly Tory. Off your knees, sycophant. Removed
24/11/2020 11:33:16 5 4
A large portion of the debt is held by the Bank of England which the government owns therefore that debt can be wrote off at the stroke of a pen. The choice is clear pen or austerity.
24/11/2020 13:19:38 31 17
The Evil Tories said if Corbyn borrowed money he would bankrupt the country.

And Corbyn in his manifesto he said he would borrow just a fraction of the Sunak has already borrowed this year.

And now Sunak says he has not bankrupt the country because he is printing money to buy the debt

So the Evil Tories lied before the election.

They just lie and lie and lie.
So you're suggesting if Corbyn had been in charge he wouldn't have supported the UK through Covid? sounds like yet another reason to be glad that he lost to me.

24/11/2020 13:31:55 5 3
Given the absolute failure of this government in every aspect , it seems you are the "muppet"
24/11/2020 14:48:43 9 4
Over 50,000 Covid-19 dead

Thousands more with Long Covid

Public debt through the roof

Unemployment rising fast

GDP has dropped

Travel and hospitality decimated

No Deal. or UK Humiliation Deal. Brexit

Public sector pay freeze

Tax rises coming

Merry Christmas from the Evil Tories!

What will these idiots do next year?
24/11/2020 11:13:15 12 5
Manufacture what exactly? Make things that cost 3 times the price of the chinese junk and then have no one to sell it to?
24/11/2020 17:33:46 1 9
Obviously public sector pay must fall relative to others, it's already too high. This drivel of them wanting to get back to even more excesive pay of some magic ideal high point has to end. Ckearly a 20% cut in one go would be better and gets the job done for a few years, but the slow torture for whingers of a pay freeze for a decade will be a good start. Top to bottom police to nurses teachers.
Idiot Removed
24/11/2020 15:15:54 19 2
We became a service industry (ie legal, financial, consulting, etc) nation, not a hospitality industry nation
And we all know what tossers consultants are Removed
25/11/2020 12:54:33 1 5
It needs someone like Diane to get us out of this financial mess.