Thiem beats Nadal at ATP Finals
17/11/2020 | sport | tennis | 112
Dominic Thiem becomes the first man to move into the semi-finals of the ATP Finals event in London.
I really don't understand why BBC cover minor sports in the UK like Tennis and American Football so strongly. Tennis in the UK is a sport almost exclusively followed by posh older women so maybe the wives of BBC executives have been pushing this sport onto the front page. I'm sure we'll see Dressage and Yachting news on here soon. Removed
17/11/2020 18:36:11 8 2
As it's far better than watching paint dry I meant football ??. Some people don't understand great athlete's at the top of their game doing amazing thing's with a racket / ball for hour's day after day.
17/11/2020 19:06:21 4 0
Yeah, why is that the BBC allow some people so much air time for their minority sport of trolling others on message boards?

As for the tennis, what a superb match today.
18/11/2020 04:23:14 1 13
Thiem is an awesome player. It is obvious that if he had been born 15 years earlier, he would have dominated the entire oughts and Federer likely would have less than 8 slams total by now, and Nadal also very likely would have far fewer French opens in his kitty. Nadal however is definitely a good player on clay, absolutely at the level of Bruguera and Muster. No doubt about it
stick to washing up love Removed