How the 'Machine' taught the 'Scientist' an Augusta lesson
16/11/2020 | sport | golf | 335
Dustin Johnson's record-breaking Masters victory shows he is close to the complete package as a player, writes Iain Carter.
Golf and tiddlywinks have a lot in common, the major difference is the size of the board and how much land it wastes. Removed
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And the lot in common include....
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Couldn't get the hang of tiddlywinks either, huh?
So, the favourite, the muscular lad who hits it a long way, didn't win.
Instead the 2nd favourite, a muscular lad who hits it a long way, won.
And as far a personality is concerned, there isn't much to choose between them either.
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DJ only leathered it when he absolutely needed to, and was rarely in trouble.

Bison leathered it every time he could and spend half his week in the trees.
16/11/2020 13:18:17 2 2
Personality wise, they couldn't be more different. I've never heard DJ shooting his mouth off about what he's going to do, or moaning at rules officials when he's trying to bend the rules. DJ comes across as a very humble guy.
Cue the 'nauseating', American flag-waving, jingoistic, vaseline bellies. An American wins on a course designed for Americans... who'd have thought it? Removed
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Hard to achieve that sort of rapid increase without the assistance of "science"!
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It's more down to what he actually says ... like the "par 67" comment, that he will win at least 10 majors, that he doesn't like playing golf he prefers practicing etc. etc. Not a fella I'd enjoy a pint with.
I think it’s really sexiest to not cover women’s golf more. Men get enough air time!!! I want inferior golf, NOW! Removed
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Grow up.

I watch women's golf quite often, it's a good counterbalance to watching blokes with 115mph swings, seeing effortless looking swings knock the ball 260 down the middle.
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because he is a moron but a damn fine golfer!
Define moron - inherited or acquired? Removed
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Why is there so much hatred for Bryson in this- country. Typical jealous english idiocy. The man tries to be the best he can and change how things are done and off you all go and want him hanged. Same with every sportsman- build em up they try to crush them. Only in engerlund. Bryson seems like a thoroughly nice bloke. And i sure he cant sleep with worry at what you lot think of him.
Listen to podcasts like No Laying Up and you will hear that Americans are hardly Bryson's fans either.

Nothing to do with jealousy. He's just a bit of a dick.