The British Grand Slam champion flying under the radar
12/11/2020 | sport | tennis | 8
British doubles player Joe Salisbury enjoys flying under the radar but his Grand Slam success is putting him in the spotlight.
13/11/2020 12:18:58 13 0
He's only under the radar if you don't follow tennis!
13/11/2020 15:10:06 12 0
some irony in this article. BBC only cover the Murray's and (increasingly) female tennis even if is at a far lower level.

The fact that there has been little reporting of Salisbury is something the BBC should ask itself. To any Tennis followers he's a fairly established name.
13/11/2020 20:04:08 7 0
Joe Salisbury isn’t unknown to British tennis fans but,sadly,doubles players,of which we have several top class competitors in this country,don’t receive anything like the exposure of their singles compatriots.
Diehard tennis followers like myself are interested in all aspects of the game and not just the superstars.
Remember,tennis is forever and not just during Wimbledon fortnight.
13/11/2020 22:51:24 4 0
Salisbury deserves a lot of credit. A shame that Evan's singles success in recent weeks got little coverage
14/11/2020 10:22:04 2 0
As has already been said, tennis fans are all aware of the brilliance of Joe Salisbury. Sadly BBC and British media do not headline him as they should. I love watching Joe and Rajeev play. Yes to an Olympic doubles pair of Joe and Andy!
14/11/2020 13:44:46 0 0
Yes Salisbury's play around the net is fantastic. I wonder at what stage or age he decided to focus on doubles? I am unclear about whether players choose to focus on a singles or doubles career just due to junior results or whether they act on coaches advice based on their skillset.
14/11/2020 15:27:39 3 0
Not only media give proper credit, also LTA etc.

Without doubles events would be very sparse for spectators in the last half of the competition.

Organisers brag about their equality, but still pay doubles a pittance in comparison to singles players, and they have to share the prize money.

Until doubles and wheelchair players get the same, round for round, as singles there is no equality.
14/11/2020 20:34:14 2 0
Much to like about Joe's professionalism, despite the dubs always being the poor relation.
Good luck saving up for a London flat Joe! You'll need a Grand Slam of winnings for a 10% deposit! The LTA should convert Roehampton into living quarters for all the champions it's produced!